SCM Tech Tour: Cormo, San Martino in RioSAN MARTINO IN RIO, ITALY

- Erio Cavazonni from the Cormo windows and doors manufacturing cooperative, was among those presenting or who opened their plants for visits during SCM Group's 2011 Windows+Doors tech tour.  Cormo occupies a plant and headquarters of over 700,000 square feet.

Cormo is one of the leading makers of wood window fixtures in Italy. Employing around 400 (including more than 180 owner-partners), Cormo serves construction and various retail segments, with an annual production capacity of over 100,000 windows, 40,000 shutters, 100,000 interior doors and 13,000 security entrance doors. 

The company is governed as a cooperative, with employee partners voting on major strategic matters. It traces its roots to two different carpenters' cooperatives, the earliest founded in 1890, which banded together to bid jointly on jobs and sell as a group.

In 1990, Cormo opened its new headquarters and a new factory at San Martino in Rio, unifying the production processes of two predecessor companies. In 2007 Cormo built a new factory at Bjelovar in Croatia, a traditional woodworking center. That new manufacturing and logistics center represented a first step in a plan to move to internationalizing its business. Cormo celebrated its 120th anniversary last year by opening C6, a new exhibition and development center. The building provides exhibition, training, events, research, demonstrations and laboratories.

Cormo was the first company in the windows sector to embrace the Environmental Product Declaration, a popular Italian life-cycle analysis statement program,  adopted for its line of Swedish pine windows and shutters. The EPD is a voluntary certification, generated in accordance with standard UNI ISO 14025:2006.

Cormo operates a logistics division, which has adopted a flexible packaging system that can be tailored to needs of a single dealer or adapted for different types of storage. Doors and surround frames, for example, can be supplied assembled, or separately. Windows are supplied normally with the sashes already glazed, and coded and palletized for quick distribution on site.



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