The components of each mouse are made from a single piece of red or black wood such as bubinga, makor, sapele or ebony. According to the company, it took four years to develop the manufacturing techniques, which it says are completely environmentally friendly.

With the increased awareness in these times to being green, manufacturers are putting new twists on existing products to make them more eco-friendly. A recent example is a computer mouse made from wood offered by Moscow, Russia-based AlestRukov, who says the idea behind the product was to get the maximum out of natural materials.

“Our primary intention was to create the best ecologically sustainable design,” says Aleksey Strukov, company president. “The AlestRukov computer mouse is an eco-friendly alternative to harmful plastic gadgets polluting our world.”

Made from red and black woods that include bubinga, makor, sapele and ebony, the components of each mouse are made from a single solid piece of wood. The company says that developing the manufacturing techniques took four years, and that the production of the mouse can require approximately three months to a year of material processing, one day of producing the components with a milling machine, and two to three weeks of coating and natural drying.

“The production process is clean and environmentally friendly,” adds Strukov.
Natural linseed oil and carnauba wax are applied as a finishing protective coat to the mouse. AlestRukov says that this allows the wood to breathe by keeping its natural texture intact and also adds to the stability of the mouse.

Internally, the mouse features volume control, which can be used on either a Mac or PC without installing any additional drivers or software. According to AlestRukov, the design of this feature is unique and specifically for this mouse, taking into account human ergonomics.

The company says that all of the woods it uses have industrial origin and are completely sustainable and environmentally friendly. It also offers a five-year warranty coverage that can be upgraded to extend the service.

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