One of the advantages of Swedish designer PÃ¥l Rodenius's do-it-yourself, ready-to-assemble furniture is that it's impossible to lose the instructions.

In fact the instructions are so integral to the design, the cut pattern for each furniture component is printed on the plywood panel. This not only makes it easy to determine where each cut must be made, it makes for a very interesting design pattern for the chairs, tables, coat racks and other furniture that can be created from the panel. 

Rodenius calls his DIY plywood sheet furniture, 2440x1220, Saw, Assemble, which succinctly describes the size of the plywood sheet in millimeters and the work required by the user to create the desired piece of furniture from among the multiple furniture component patterns outlined on the panel. 

Rodenius’s concocted his novel DIY RTA plywood furniture while earning his degree at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm.

"In the project 2440×1220, Saw, Assemble I have been inspired by the Do It Yourself movement." Rodneius writes. "DIY builds on the creativity of the individual, one’s capacity for initiative and one’s desire to realize one’s ideas. I have been inspired by sheets of pattern paper used in the manufacture of clothing, and my line of furniture is based on two-dimensional patterns of furniture. The sections of the pieces of furniture are printed on and relate to a standard sheet of plywood.

"In my project I provide tools for luring forth people’s ability to create and take their own initiatives. The project is aimed at those who are experienced in making furniture themselves and also those who have no experience at all. My intention is to encourage individual creativity and to communicate the idea that it is easy to create furniture."

No doubt his project earned him an "A."

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