Bosch introduced in Europe its radial miter saw GCM 12 GDL Professional

Saws that do double-duty — on the job site and on the floor — hold special appeal with custom woodworkers. The portable compound miter saw (some examples are described below) embody this capability, especially coupled with quick-setup portable worktables. Many feature laser cut guides.

As these compound miter saw models move readily from job site for tailoring installation components, moulding, etc., then back to the plant for volume production, they are getting heftier, more versatile and more powerful. To get the most from the saw, quick set-up purpose-designed stands permit a cutting and customizing station during project installation.

Some suppliers of these and other commercial duty saws are undergoing a realignment right now, notably Delta Machinery splitting from Porter-Cable in a buyout by Taiwan-based Chang Type Industrial Co. Chang Type says it is the OEM provider of Ryobi, Craftsman, and DeWalt compound radial miter saws. Techtonic Industries is also a channel for Ryobi power tools, as well as the Milwaukee brand.

The Kapex KS 120 lightweight (47-lbs.) sliding compound miter saw features integrated dust extraction capabilities (Festool claims 91% saw dust capture);

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angle transfer device (calculates complex angles cuts, compellingly shown in the video); variable speed (1,400 to 3,400 rpm to match blade speed to the material and drawing 1,600 watts and 13 amps); vibration dampened saw blade (smooths cuts with less deflection); micro-bevel adjustments (with up front rotary knob); large scales (easier to read and dial in); on/off adjustable depth stop for cut outs; dual laser cutting guides (cut between the beams); and rapid FastFix blade changes. It comes with a 60-tooth carbide blade, and has a cutting depth at 90°/90° of 12 in. x 3 15/32 in.

Makita says its latest 12-in. dual slide compound miter saw, announced last year, delivers a large crosscutting and crown moulding cutting capacity. The LS1216L is also available with a Makita job site miter saw stand. Makita says its Deep and eXact cutting Technology (DXT) employs six linear ball bearings and four steel rails. The steel rails have less deflection for a more compact rear design than two-rail systems, says Makita.

“This is an ideal saw for precision tasks in woodworking shops, as well as for cutting large materials,” says Joe Soto, a Makita product manager. “It will remain accurate even after a full day of work, day after day, in a high-production setting.”

The LS1216L is geared for case and base installers, cabinet installers, cabinet manufacturers, closet installers, and decking and flooring applications, and works both for the job site, benchtop, or high-production/manufacturing settings.

The LS1216L is designed to crosscut wide boards up to 15-in. wide at 90° out of the box with no special set up, says Makita. It has a direct drive gearbox and guard system that is engineered for increased vertical cutting capacity and the large crown moulding cutting capacity (8 in. vertically nested). Makita employs a patented retractable rear guard that provides 6-1/2-in. baseboard cutting capacity.

The 15-amp direct gear box motor doesn’t slip like belt-driven motors, says Makita, and it has electronic speed control for constant speed under load.

The LS1216L has a 5-1/2-in.-tall dual sliding fence system with upper and lower fence adjustments for miter and bevel cuts. The upper and lower fences slide to accommodate a mitering from 0° to 52° left and 0° to 60° right, with positive stops at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6°, and 45° (left and right).

A built-in laser indicates line of cut whether the blade is turning or not, and includes an on-off switch with micro-adjustments for precise “left-of-blade” or “right-of-blade” cutting. Makita’s quick set-up spring-loaded job site miter saw stand LS1216LX adjusts to five positions.

Last month Bosch introduced in Europe its radial miter saw GCM 12 GDL Professional with 12-in. blade for cross, miter and groove cuts. Bosch says it features an innovative slide mechanism: the saw is not guided by means of a slide carriage, but by a die-cast aluminum slide arm mounted on ball bearings.

The GCM 12 GDL Professional cuts wood, plastic and aluminum profiles to length, cutting floorboards, wall and ceiling panels to size, and adjusting building components on the construction site, to a 4-in. maximum depth, depending on miter and bevel angles.

Features include a 2,000-watt motor with integrated controller to ensure soft start, protecting against on-site electrical overloads. A double line laser shows where the saw will cut: exactly in the center of the two projected laser lines. The saw has two pull-out side extensions for working on longer workpieces, an optimized port for dust extraction and a wheeled saw stand — GTA 2500 W. It comes with the vibration- and noise-damped Bosch saw blade. It will be available at retailers by September 2011.

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In addition to miter saws, there have been other recent saw arrivals:
Altendorf has added the WA-80X slide saw to its lineup. Distributed by Stiles Shop Solutions, the saw will be on display at AWFS in July in Las Vegas. Stiles product manager Chris Dolbow says it’s attractively priced, representing “the ultimate in price versus performance.” Its features include three motorized axes, an eye-level controller and crosscut miter fence.


Porter-Cable just launched two new reciprocating saws — a 7.5 amp non-orbital model (PC75TRS) and an 8.5 amp orbital unit (PC85TRSOK). The two saws handle wood, but can cut metal, masonry, and make plunge cuts. The PC75TRS has a 7.5 amp motor and 1 1/8-in. stroke that delivers 3,200 strokes per minute. A tooled shoe adjustment simplifies depth modification; a twist lock blade clamp allows for quick blade change.

An overmolded handle provides ergonomic comfort and an overmolded clamshell boot provides a soft grip. Weighing in at 7.2-lbs., the saw features a two-finger variable speed trigger. It’s orbital cousin the PC85TRSOK with heftier 8.5 amp motor shares most other specs.

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