Louis Bradier of France recently completed his graduate studies in mechanical engineering and design and is looking for his first professional job.

His resume credits include the accompanying skateboard design constructed of carbon fibers instead of traditional laminated plywood core construction.

The question being asked among skateboard affecianados is whether purists will accept it.

Afterall, aren't skateboards meant to take a pounding and show it? At some point in a skateboard's life, an edge tears and reveals the plied wood at its core. A battered board is a testament to the toughness of its rider.

Bradier's board will scuff, but it won't de-ply. It has a foam core construction and what the designer calls "an impact tough injected polyurethane edge and load distributors."

One thing for sure, Bradier's board gives a whole new meaning to "carbon footprint."

See more of Bradier's work at louisbradier.com,

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