Australian artist Peter Hennessey has an affinity for large-scale sculptures and an unbridled enthusiasm for space travel.

His most recent large sculptural work, My Hubble (the universe turned in on itself) debuted in the Turbine Halls of Cockatoo Island. It is an actual-size re-creation of the Hubble Space Telescope. It is fabricated in painstaken detail from laser-cut plywood and steel 
A graduate in architecture, Hennessey's first major show, Repercussions (2004), in collaboration with artist Patricia Piccinini, focused on the symbolic power of space travel. That installation featured  My Voyager, a large-scale probe constructed from plywood, assorted hinges and hardware, and associated panel works, along with a four-wheeled Lunar Module, NASA missile control, drawings and video works used to explore the elemental narrative of space exploration.

Hennessey discusses My Hubble in the accompanying video.

Australian artist Peter Hennessey constructed this full-scale
model of the Hubble Telescope with plywood and steel.
Below, detailed photo of Hennessey's My Hubble.

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