Wood & Wood Products spotlights a sampling of dust collection products.

Aget Mfg. Co. introduces new rotary air valve components, designed for use with its lineup of Dustkop dust collecting systems, thus allowing for direct dumping into open collection containers. The valve’s six-vane construction provides superior air sealing performance, yet is comparably priced to standard four-vane products, according to the company. (800) 832-2438, www.agetmfg.com.

SandMan introduces the Sand Pro HC8030, a high-capacity self-contained downdraft table

SandMan introduces the Sand Pro HC8030, a high-capacity self-contained downdraft table that uses singed tube filters that are 99% efficient at 1 micron. According to the company, the HC8030 draws completely even throughout the entire machine, and there are no protruding exhaust hoods to interfere with working on all four sides. (800) 265-2008, www.sandmanproducts.com.

Denray’s cartridge filter line of downdraft tables come equipped with 80/20 cartridge filters, which clean with a 99.95% capture rate at 0.5 micron, according to the company. Available sizes range from a small 26-in. by 34-in. shop table to the large 48-in. by 96-in. Model 9600B. Options available include: mufflers, chimneys, casters and auto-timers. (800) 766-8263, www.denray.com.

The Scientific Dust Collector SPJ models utilize “reverse pulse jet” technology, providing more complete cleaning and reconditioning of bags than shaker or reverse-air cleaning methods, the company says. Also, the company’s SPJ Baghouse features an all-welded design with no moving parts. (708) 597-7090, www.scientificdustcollectors.com.

Dustek, a Division of Boschco Inc., offers the Model “Whispurr” W2500 self-contained internal return dust collector, a space-efficient system designed to operate at reduced noise levels, the company says. The unit will generate in excess of 8,000 cfm air volume with 75 cubic ft of storage capacity, has dual adjustable baffles for even shavings accumulation, a 25-hp TEFC motor and an onboard plastic bag roll support device. The line also is available in 7.5-, 10-, 15- and 20-hp models. (800) 442-4430, www.dustek.com.

Grizzly Industrial introduces the Model G0673 10-hp industrial dust collector.

Grizzly Industrial introduces the Model G0673 10-hp industrial dust collector. Highlights of the machine include an air suction capacity of 5,360 CFM with a static pressure of 17.9-in.; a welded and balanced 17-in. impeller with 1/4-in.-thick radial fins; an upper bag filteration capacity of 2.5 micron particles; and solid steel five-port intake manifold with 4-in. ports. The company says the Model G0673 is covered by a one-year warranty. (800) 523-4777, www.grizzly.com.

Penn State Industries offers a line of its TEMPEST cyclones. The cyclones range from 2-hp to 5-hp, have a filtration of 452-700 sq ft at 1/2 micron, and are certified to capture 99.98% of dust particles at ranges of 650 cfm to 1,800 cfm. The cyclones are constructed from heavy-duty, 17-gauge steel and include 5-year warranties. (800) 377-7297, www.pennstateind.com.

Oneida Air Systems offers its new 10-hp Direct Drive dust collector, which the company says has a compact footprint and high static pressure capability. The Direct Drive is powered by a Baldor motor, features three 390-sq-ft cartridge filters and captures 99.9% of material from 0.2 to 2 microns, the company says. The unit is also configurable with a wide range of options, such as large capacity hoppers, airlocks and fire suppression systems. (800) 732-4065, www.oneida-air.com.

Dantherm Filtration (formerly DISA Systems) specializes in complete turnkey systems and air filtration designs, including: collectors, ducting, fans, spark detection equipment and more. The company says it has more than 30,000 installations worldwide and sells a complete line of expandable baghouse, cartridge, cyclone and canister-style collectors, ranging from 500 cfm to more than 100,000 cfm. (800) 533-5286, www.danthermfiltration.com.

American Fabric Filter Co. offers disposable, heavy-duty plastic collection bags that fit most dust collectors, including Delta, Dustek, Grizzly, Jet and other OEM manufacturers. The polybags are 6-mil-thick and come in two sizes: 21-in. by 50-in. and 24.5-in. by 72-in., available in rolls of 50. According to the company, the bags are tough enough to stand up to constant use, save time by eliminating repeated dumping and make shop clean up quick and easy. (800) 367-3591, www.americanfabricfilter.com.

Air Handling Systems offers AHPLUS flexible hose, designed for durability with a reinforced construction, making it a suitable replacement for older polyester neoprene hoses, the company says. The AHPLUS has a temperature range of -60F to 275F, is UL94HB flame retardant and is constructed of thermoplastic rubber with coated polyester fabric reinforced with a wire helix. The AHPLUS hose has a standard length of 25 ft and a size range of 3 in. to 8 in. (800) 367-3828, www.airhand.com.

Koger Air Corp. says that when used as a pre-cleaner, the Koger A-B cyclone separator reduces the load for the final filter, and when paired with the final filter, it performs at maximum efficiency.

Koger Air Corp. says that when used as a pre-cleaner, the Koger A-B cyclone separator reduces the load for the final filter, and when paired with the final filter, it performs at maximum efficiency. The A-B cyclone separator operates at 100% efficiency when used in closed loop systems by eliminating emissions to the atmosphere, the company adds. (800) 368-2096, www.koger.com.

Nordfab Ducting manufactures Quick-Fit, the world’s fastest ducting, the company claims. With the patented Quick-Fit design, straight pipes, elbows, branches and custom pieces snap together in seconds. The clamp-together design eliminates rivets, screws, welds and other time-consuming and costly joining methods, Nordfab says. It is reusable and can be taken apart and reconfigured without tools. (800) 532-0830, www.nordfab.com.

Dirt Bag Inc. offers a computer dust filter product line designed to fit all standard desktop computers and monitors. The Dirt Bag filters all air entering computer systems and is an effective solution for protecting industrial PCs from the ravages of airborne dust, dirt and grime, the company says. (800) 291-7191, www.dirtbag.biz.

Kraemer Tool & Mfg. Co. Ltd. offers dust collection systems, including portable units of 1- to 5-hp, stationary units of 1- to 250-hp, cartridge collectors and jet pulse cleaned filter units. The company says its systems provide exceptional value, proven quality and reliability. (800) 443-6443, www.kraemertool.com.

Air Control Technology manufactures dust collection systems that include pulse jet, reverse air and shaker-type, abort dampers, spark detection, air locks, bin cover spreaders and screw conveyers. According to the company, its systems are the most advanced, high-efficiency, trouble-free industrial dust collectors available. (800) 555-1302, www.aircontroltech.com.

Honeyville Metal Inc. (HMI) offers dust collection systems with features such as round and square pulse jet filter bag houses and overhead dust storage bins, material handling fans of 1,000 to 58,500 cfm, 36 models of centrifugal cyclone collectors, 8- to 13-ft. diameter storage silos with power unloaders, flanged welded pipe and elbows, 5 models of flex-tip rotary airlocks and more. (800) 593-8377, www.honeyvillemetal.com.

Donaldson Torit says its Ultra-Web nanofiber technology line now includes an even higher-efficiency cartridge filter for longer filter life, cleaner air and greater energy savings. Certified by independent lab tests at MERV 15 efficiency, Ultra-Web SB is available as replacement filters for Donaldson Torit cartridge dust collectors as well as all other popular dust collectors. (888) 338-3878, www.donaldson.com.

The PM1900 dust collector from Powermatic, WMH Tool Group, is strong enough to use with planers, widebelt sanders, table saws and most other woodworking machines, the company says. Features include a canister filter that collects 98% of 2-micron particles, a digital timer that can be set for up to 99 minutes, an infrared sensor that allows remote control operation and an all-metal duct for improved rigidity and air flow, the company says. The PM1900 also uses large capacity, clear collector bags and four swivel casters to allow for easier mobility. (800) 274-6848, www.powermatic.com.

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