A look at some of the developments in finishing and sanding equipment.

Finishing Technology

At AWFS Vegas, Cattinair Finishing and Costa & Grissom Machinery announced an agreement whereby Costa & Grissom will be the primary dealer/sales agent for Cattinair in the United States. Among the Cattinair products now available through Costa & Grissom will be rotary spray machines and roll coaters as well UV, curing and drying ovens. (336) 434-6644; costagrissom.com

Cefla introduces the Mito sprayer, featuring an inverted-V plenum, which Cefla says results in better control on overspray and a higher application quality. The machine has twin reverse-roll recovery, a fast-change guns trolley and a JIT device for small batches and reduced coatings usage. (336) 662-9813; ceflaamerica.com

The Makor Q-One reciprocating sprayers offers versatility for small batches and quick coating changes. They are available in several configurations, and all systems have pressurized spray areas with either single or dual arms, with a disposable paper belt system that allows versatility in production scheduling. Spray guns are interchangeable for different coating systems within the three available circuits. (770) 368-0047; makorusa.com

Deimco Finishing Equipment offers lineal and flatline finishing systems in conventional or UV compatible versions to finish any type lineal profile, from mouldings and floorings to pultrusions, at rates up to 300 fpm. The systems can include all-mechanical cross transfer systems, capable of smoothly transferring high profile parts, improved stain wipers, integral sanders and automatic guns. Deimco also offers combination IR/convection ovens. (800) 728-8806; deimco.com

Anderson America says the COJET large format inkjet printer is capable of printing high-resolution graphics, up to 720 dpi, in color, white and translucent patterns. Photographic images can be easily printed on MDF, wood, plastic, composites and tile materials, Anderson says. A final clearcoat can also be applied for a flat or high-gloss protective coating. (704) 522-1823; andersonamerica.com

DV-Systems says its Compact CCS system is for wood flooring and mouldings. Sanding wheels and optional belt sanders prepare the surface before and between coating runs. After two passes through the roll coater to apply basecoat and sealcoat, a changeover process activates the vacuum coater to apply a final topcoat to all or selected sides of the board. An integrated UV curing tunnel cures substrates for instant processing. (704) 598-0020; dv-systems.com

At AWFS, Superfici America displayed the new Compact Plus Water UV spray line and roller coater line. The company says its flatline systems feature 30-second color changes for maximized efficiency, emit 80-90% less VOCs and have high transfer efficiency. (866) 726-9190; superficiamerica.com

Dubois Equipment says its 5230 automatic rotary sprayer is ideal for perfectly wrapped edges and properly coated recesses. Features include: high resolution scanning, speeds exceeding 30 fpm and even film build. It can be used for stains, conventional and UV finishes, including 100% solids UV coatings. (812) 482-3644; duboisequipment.com

Leif & Lorentz (represented in the U.S. by Slipcon) manufactures a line of coating and finishing equipment for coating of a wide variety of materials. According to the company, the coating and finishing equipment provides benefits such as easy set-up, easy operation and easy cleaning. (877) 754-7266; slipcon.com

Black Bros. Co.’s new vertical edge coater applies a precise amount of coating to the edges of various substrates up to 2-1/2 in. thick. The machine can be used to apply UV coatings, paints and sealers, as well as adhesives, to solid wood, particleboard, MDF, door cores, plastics, etc. (815) 539-7451; blackbros.com

Anest Iwata’s LPH200 LVP pressure-feed spray gun utilizes the company’s LV Technology, which combines lower air consumption coupled with superior atomization to provide flawless finish while saving time and money, the company claims. The tulip-shaped pattern also reduces overspray and waste. (800) 440-0282; anestiwata.com

Kremlin by Exel offers a variety of double diaphragm pumps, including: PDM 0.175, suitable for short- or low-pressure circulation loops; PDM 0.175, for large plants with dedicated colors; PMP 150, available in pail or wall-mounted configurations; PMP 150, suitable for manual finishing applications; and AODD pumps, low-pressure circulating systems that transfer materials from one location to another. (800) 573-5554; exel-na.com

A.O.M. offers the K24 1/2-in. double diaphragm pump, featuring a dual air pressure regulator and an anodized manifold fluid filter with a return and pulsation chamber for non-pulsing material supply. (484) 281-3451; aomspray.com

Open-Face Industrial Spray Booths by Global Finishing Solutions feature a modular panel design, which offers the economy of a standardized line of spray booths, with virtually unlimited sizes and configurations to fit a broad range of finishing processes, according to GFS. The company also offers dust collection booths, bench spray booths, finishing systems, washers, curing ovens and more. (800) 848-8738; globalfinishing.com

Col-Met “Collector Style” Batch Powder Booths (RPB) are available in 7-ft, 8-ft and 10-ft high interiors. The line of RPB Booths utilize variable-frequency drives on the powder collectors so that motor speed can be more precisely controlled, and will allow users to control the collector’s static pressure, Col-Met says. (888) 452- 6684; colmetsb.com

Fostoria offers infrared ovens for curing powders, varnishes, lacquers and other wet finishes. The company says its IR ovens have instant ramp-up and shut-down and offer complete programmability. (423) 477-4131; fostoriaindustries.com

Sanding Equipment

The Sandya 3/S Series from SCM Group USA is available in 43-in. and 37-in. belt widths in addition to single head, double head and planer/sander configurations. SCM says the Sandya 3/S is ideal for small and mid-size shops, offering a customizable sanding solution with large capabilities. (800) 292-1850; scmgroup-usa.com

SlipCon Finishing Systems says its line of Perfection brush sanders is designed to whitewood and sealer sand cabinet and entry doors, face frames, sheet goods and more. The brush sanders will sand both solvent-based and water-based, traditional and UV coatings, the company says. The line of sanders includes a vertical sander for hang-lines and standard horizontal sanders for flatline sanding, using patented technology. (877) 754-7266; slipcon.com

Opti-Sand’s EasySand 224 is a horizontal sander with two 24-in.-long sanding heads. The EasySand 224 is a universal sander that can be used to sand mouldings, flooring, cabinet doors, panels and more. The EasySand 224 can be combined with a powered conveyor to add simple automation to your sanding processes. (630) 953-1245; opti-sand.com

Costa & Grissom offers the BA-R grain highlighting machine for antiquing wood flooring and panels. The machine utilizes a combination of steel and abrasive brushes, all height adjustable, to highlight the woodgrain and produce a natural rustic finish. These machines are set at a constant pass-line height for line insertion or stand-alone operation. (336) 434-6644; costagrissom.com

Hans Weber introduces the Weber LCE Series of machines, which the company says brings the ingenuity and modular construction of the larger “industry” series to machines sized for every user’s custom application. The LCE Series includes machines capable of planing, general sanding, fine finishing and sealer sanding, all offered in the two most popular widths: 1,100mm and 1,350mm. (877) 519-9795; weberamerica.com

Stiles Machinery offers the Buetfering 900 Series featuring Sorb Tech material in the base construction for added strength, stability and vibration absorption. For heavy production needs, the 900 Series is capable of feed speeds up to 210 fpm and can accommodate working widths of 54 in., 64 in. and 86 in. It has a belt length of 128 in. (616) 698-7500; stilesmachinery.com

Flex-Trim says its sanding system can be attached to any machine with a spindle and a frequency-controlled motor and offers solutions for flat, linear, edge or profile sanding on hardwood, softwood or medium density fiberboard. (770) 889-6095; flex-trim.com

Delmac offers Casadei’s Libra Series of Performance widebelt sanders. The machines are equipped with NC electronic control for fast machine set-up times and are available with 1, 2 and 3 heads in multiple compositions for calibrating and sanding a variety of different materials. The Libra Series can process solid wood, veneered panels, honeycomb panels and lacquered panels. (336) 854-1211; delmac.com

Biesse offers the Regal 500 Series with working units consisting of cross belts, steel drums, large-diameter rubber drums, stiff or electronic sectional platens and knife planer units. Standard features include 103-in. abrasive belts and a working width of 53 in. Additional features include a cross unit with 46-sector electronic sectioned pad and a pre-sanding 340mm diameter roller. (704) 357-3131; biesseamerica.com

Timesavers says its Series 3300 widebelt sander is capable of running 12 to 14 hours per days. This series includes a variety of standard features, such as dial indicators on the drums/platens, emergency brake system on all heads, a centralized control panel, a digital thickness readout and more. The Series 3300 is available as a standard sander, knife planer/sander and with electronic segmented platens. (800) 537-3611; timesavers.com

From SuperMax, the SuperBrush sander can be used for a variety of applications including: white wood sanding, denibbing, sealer sanding, primer sanding, UV roughing, sanding/polishing of solid surface material, scuff sanding, shutter sanding, deglossing and destressing. They are offered in single-head widths of 13 in., 24 in., 36 in., 49 in. or the double-head 36 in. and 52 in. widths. (888) 454-3401; supermaxtools.com

Mill Spec Machine offers the Löwer DiscMaster, featuring a combination of eccentric sanding discs and sanding brush rollers. The rotating discs’ orbital movement applies a complete sanding action to the entire piece, the company says, so that all four edges are sanded consistently. The machine has two rotating spindles position 90° to the feed, for a maximum brush diameter of 16 in. Maximum workpiece thickness is 4 in. (715) 355-0712; millspecmachine.com

Grizzly Industrial offers the Model G9980 51-in. widebelt sander, featuring: a 30-hp sanding motor, 2-hp conveying motor and 1/4-hp table elevation motor; digital readout positioning accurate to 0.005 in. and powered table elevation controls; a single-head sanding system with micro-adjustable graphite/felt platen; and a variable speed conveyer control for speeds of 10-60 fpm. (360) 647-0801; grizzly.com

Lobo Machinery says its linear moulding sander is for mass production moulding or profile edging jobs. It features individual pressure rolls to ensure hold-down of irregular surface tightly during the sanding process. This sander also includes a variable speed conveyor, tilting side sanding heads and a sanding head that can be equipped with a brush or profile wheels. (626) 369-6500; lobomachine.com

Uneeda Enterprizes offers the Cosam Dual S Series with two brush heads and 60-33 fpm belt speed. Width sizes range from 27-1/2 in. (16 dual brushes) to 51 in. (30 dual brushes), with the dual grit brush standard at 180/320. (800) 431-2494; uneeda.com

General Intl offers the 15-155 M1, 13-in. horizontal single drum sander. It has a maximum sanding width of 13 in., and 3-3/4-in. maximum sanding thickness. It has a feed speed of 6-20 fpm, with a 1,550 rpm drum speed. (514) 326-1161; general.ca

Cantek’s C371 36-in. widebelt sander features a combination head with 5-in. diameter drum and 2-5/8-in.-wide platen. It has double infeed and outfeed hold-down rolls and motorized thickness adjustment four-precision jacks. (888) 982-2683; cantekamerica.com

The Dynorbital Silver Supreme random orbital sander from Dynabrade is an American-made air-powered sander for high production areas as well as flat and horizontal sanding. The 12,000-rpm sander is available in 3-in., 3-1/2-in., 5-in. and 6-in. diameter models and includes a low profile, premium urethane weight-mated sanding pad. It is available as a non-vacuum sander, a self-generated vacuum sander and a central vacuum sander. (716) 631-0100; dynabrade.com

Porter-Cable’s 18-V detail sander (PC18DS) features a tapered platen for sanding in tight spaces with detachable detail finger, and vacuum attach port. The 19-in. hook-and-loop platen can reach a maximum speed of 10,500 opm for optimum stock removal and productivity, the company says. (731) 660-9807; deltaportercable.com

From Sioux Tools, the Jitterbug 1/4-sheet finishing sander can be used for extended periods of time and features a soft-cushioned grip in an asymmetrical shape, making it a natural fit for the hand. The grip rotates in 15° increments and locks into 24 indexable positions. (800) 722-7290; siouxtools.com

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