Check out these new product introductions, product demonstrations and more taking place at various companies' booths at the International Woodworking Fair, Aug. 25-28 in Atlanta.

A&H Industries Inc. DISPLAY: PCD and carbide tooling, sharpening service and repair. New Product
Adams Wood Products Inc. DISPLAY: Mission style island leg, traditional island leg. New Product
Alabama Inter-Forest DISPLAY: Dovetail drawer kits in five finishes. New Product
American Fabric Filter Co. DISPLAY: Custom-designed 1 micron filter bag, fabric samples available. New Product
AMS/Castlewood INTRO: Countertop Support, Mission and Metaline Collections. New Product
ANEST IWATA USA Inc. DEMO: LV Technology for atomization of coating materials. New Product
ArtCAM developed by Delcam DEMO: Latest version of ArtCAM. New Product
Becker Acroma Inc. DEMO: Ask our experts wood finishing questions. New Product
Better Vacuum Cups Inc.  INTRO: Revised patented flat table cups, vacuum blocks. New Product
Black Bros. Co. INTRO: World Class Roll Coater L300 RC for lean manufacturing. New Product
Blum Inc. INTRO: CLIP top BLUMOTION hinge with integrated soft close. New Product
C.R. Onsrud Inc.     INTRO: 3 new models of CNC routers released at IWF. New Product
CCF Industries  DEMO: Humidrawer, mention "Product Showcase" for free cigar. New Product
Colonial Saw Co. Inc. DEMO: Closet building demo, Thurs 9 a.m. using Clamex P. New Product
CompX International Inc. INTRO: StealthLock, a keyless, invisible security solution. New Product
Comtrad  DEMO: King Slide push-open soft to close under mount drawer slide. New Product
Decore-ative Specialties  INTRO: Pure Colors finishing, Indoor Air finish certification, FSC Certified products. New Product
Drawer Box Specialties  DEMO: Single and Double Stock Recycling Center. New Product
Elias Woodwork FREE solid wood trivets; new solid color selection & glaze colors. New Product
Felder USA DEMO: G400 edgebander, Hammer K3 saw. New Product
Franklin International   INTRO: New plywood line, includes PVA adhesives, EPI product, bio-modified PVA adhesives. New Product
Gingrich Woodcraft Inc. DISPLAY: Dovetail drawers, spice inserts & knife blocks. New Product
Global Finishing Solutions
FEATURING: Open-face spray booth with 18-gauge steel construction. New Product
Graco Inc. INTRO: G15/G40 air-assist guns, Merkur pumps, AirPro EFX guns. New Product
Grass America Inc. INTRO: Dynapro Drawer System, Tiomos hinge system, TEC soft-close. New Prodcut
Hardwoods Specialty Products INTRO: New product line and product demonstration. New Product
Hettich America, LP  DISPLAY: Kitchen Concept 2015, hardware. New Product
Hoffmann Machine Co. Inc. DEMO: New X-25 machines for benchtop routing dovetail keys, Moreso NM notching for beaded face-frames. New Product
Honeyville Metal Inc. DISPLAY: MPC cyclonic filters, light to medium dust load. New Product
Jartek/TekmaHeat  DISPLAY: ThermoWood wood drying technology. New Product
KCD Software     INTRO: Version 9 "Software to Build On," Doors Plus. New Product
Leitz Tooling Systems Inc. DISPLAY: RipTec cutting system, specialized flooring tools. New Product
LeucoTool Corp. INTRO: New jointing system branded the "p-system."  New Product
Lignomat USA, Ltd. DISPLAY: Ligno-Scanner SD pinless moisture meter. New Product
Martin Woodworking Machines Corp.  DISPLAY: Rangate/Garniga tooling, Martin T27 flex tilting arbor shaper. New Product
Mastercam/CNC Software  DISPLAY: Router X4 with nesting drag and drop support. New Product
MultiCam Inc. INTRO: 3000 Series nested based CNC router. New Product
NAP Gladu INTRO: 2008 Challengers Award Winning tool "Next G Plus," "Next G Series." New Product
Nordson Corp. DISPLAY: PURBlue melters for low-volume edgebanding applications. New Product
Northern Contours  DEMO: The latest "fuze" design concepts. New Product
O2 Filtration  TEST: Find out how much energy you can save tomorrow. New Product
Oneida Air Systems Inc. DISPLAY: Smart Dust Collector, finalist in IWF 2010 Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award. New Product
Onsrud Cutter L.P. INTRO: Long-running Marathon Compression tool. New Product
Osborne Wood Products Inc. INTRO: New line of architectural columns, capitals & bases, etc. New Product
Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. DISPLAY: SunRay LED Lighting--energy efficient, cost effective, five sizes, fully dimmable. New Product
Panel Procesing Inc. INTRO: The Panel Store, an e-commerce web site. New Product
Planit Solutions Inc. DEMO: Full line of design to CNC software systems. New Product
Pollmeier Inc. DISPLAY: German beech lumber in 4 grades/colors. New Product
Quality VAKuum Products, Inc.  INTRO: New 60 CFM Venturi style all pneumatic automatic air-powered vacuum pump. New Product
Riebling Machinery Inc. DISPLAY: New Mover mobile rack Model SK-X4VV-A59. New Product
Saber Diamond Tools Inc. DISPLAY: Diamond cutting tools for flooring, cabinet making and moulding. New Product
Safety Speed Cut Mfg. Co. Inc.
DEMO: Vertical panel saws, panel routers, widebelt sanders, edgebanders. New Product
Saint-Georges Doors Inc. INTRO: Curved louver door; crossbow doors with beaded frames. New Product
Saw Trax Mfg. Co. Inc.  DISPLAY: 3000 series of panel saws. New Product
ShopBot Tools Inc. DISPLAY: Automatic tool changer, small-format benchtop CNC. New Product
Smartech International LP DEMO: Bauerrichter PM88 High-Gloss Polishing machine. New Product
Solutions Alliance      INTRO: Alliance combines European Machinery and American Automation. New Product
#4723, #6029, #6153, #6234, #6246
SuperMax Tools  INTRO: New vacuum hold down system, "Cash for Sandpaper." New Product
Techno Inc. DEMO: Panel processing, 3D carving with the LC 4896 CNC router. New Product
TigerStop LLC  DEMO: Product demos at TigerAlley, including TigerPro. New Product
#5852, #5853
TradeSoft Inc. DEMO: ProjectPAK upgrade, PlanSwift, ShopPAK. New Product
Tritec/Gannomat DEMO: Logic 130 - computer programmed dowel insertion. New Product
Universal Laser Systems Inc. DEMO: Precision inlay, high-resolution laser engraving. New Product
Vacuum Pressing Systems Inc. DISPLAY: FlipTop table press. New Product
Vortex Tool Co. Inc. INTRO: Series of compression spirals. New Product
 WalzCraft Industries
INTRO: Cabinet resurfacing materials varying in thickness and backer materials. New Product
Weima America Inc. DISPLAY: Grinders and briquette presses, video footage. New Product
Weyerhaeuser Hardwoods DISPLAY: Carbon storing material for cabinets, doors & furniture. New Product
Wintersteiger Inc. INTRO: DSG Notum, a thin-cutting frame saw. New Product
Woodworking Network: CWB, Closets and Wood & Wood Products
 BOOTH ACTIVITY: Daily, 4:30 p.m.: Meet WWN Editors at the booth. Daily, 5:30 p.m.: Meehan's Irish Pub Atlanta (Appetizers Wed, Fri). Thurs. 8-9 a.m. Dean Horowitz, Vance VP Interactive, free seminar at booth, "Optimizing Your Website, SEO and E-Marketing."

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