Astute executives are those who thrive on the challenges of a down economy and manipulate it to their advantage. They look for opportunities to grow production and profits for their companies, then go above and beyond, often establishing measures that help the wood manufacturing industry as a whole find success.

On the following page links you’ll read the stories behind the playmakers, and how they helped steer their companies through lean initiatives and environmental sustainability actions — and grew them into national prominence.

They are today’s Woodworking Market Leaders.

Pictured top row, left to right:

Market Leaders: Jennifer Quinn Williams, Owner & President, St. Louis Closet Co.

Market Leaders: Steve Kincaid, President, Kincaid Furniture

Market Leaders: Jim Sherbert, CEO, Bush Industries

Market Leaders: Keith Atherholt, President, Lewis Lumber Products

Market Leaders: Steve Brewster, Director of Sustainability, Kimball Office

Pictured bottom row, left to right:

Market Leaders: Brian Walker, President & CEO, Herman Miller Inc.

Market Leaders: Greg Stoner, President, Masterbrand Cabinets

Market Leaders: Boe Young, VP of Manufacturing, Impressions Marketing Group

Market Leaders: Margaret Fisher, Director of Market Development, Lange Bros. Woodwork Co. Inc.

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