Market Leaders: Margaret Fisher, Lange Bros. Woodwork
August 15, 2011 | 5:13 pm CDT
Margaret Fisher, Director of Market Development, Lange Bros. Woodwork Co. Inc.

Editor's Note: Margaret Fisher will present, "Using Carbon Sequestration in Wood as a Marketing Tool" at the 3rd Dollars & Sense of Going Green Conference, March 17-18 in Indianapolis. Learn more.

With a background in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture, it was only natural that Margaret Fisher would focus her efforts on promoting environmental sustainability while being actively involved in the architectural woodworking industry.

Quick Glimpse 
• Education: Degree in Landscape Architecture from MATC, Marketing at WCTC
• Years at the company: 10 months
• Years in the industry: 29
• Word that best describes you: Fearless
• The persons you have tried to emulate in
business and why: There are so many people with great integrity in this industry: Woody Vaughn, Doug Mock, Bruce Cody, John Leininger, Scott Nelson, Paul Fetzer, Randy Lange and Lori Poull — the list goes on. 

“I married into a woodworking family and really admired with great respect what amazing things a tree could yield. Having a little background in trees hasn’t hurt — it’s been very useful in helping people understand why wood is the way it is and what to expect from it in a project.”

In fact, it’s been Fisher’s willingness to educate others that sets her apart. A business advocate and author, Fisher has been active as a speaker on behalf of the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) for a number of years, on the topics of LEED, wood and carbon, forest sustainability and other environmental issues. “Being involved in an association for almost three decades has helped me keep pace with our industry and the internal and external things that affect it. Helping out where you see the greatest need has its benefits,” she says.

“There have been awards and recognitions and accolades annually, like being inducted as an honorary lifetime member of AWI. But really, I feel the most satisfaction when someone calls me with something they are really struggling with. I can get them in a discussion that will help me understand what they’re trying to achieve or overcome and I can help them. ‘Thank you for being the voice of sanity and reason’ or ‘Thank you for taking time to give me the clarity on this that no one else can’ or ‘Thanks for the tips.’ You can hear the relief in their voice. This makes it all worthwhile,” she adds.

In addition to her knowledge of environmental sustainability issues, Fisher’s years of experience in the woodworking industry has helped in her role as director of market development at Lange Bros. Woodwork Co., Wisconsin’s oldest, continuously family-owned and operated custom woodwork company. “After 79 years, the big goal [for Lange] is to continue our trend to thrive, right to our centennial. Thankfully, we are doing well and are able to upgrade our equipment, hire and train people and maintain our good business relationships with our customers and our suppliers. With three facilities, we have the ability to grow as needed and with our efficiency expert we are able to work smarter,” she says.

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