Studies have shown that the majority of students, as many as two out of three, do not exhibit proper posture. What’s more, approximately one in five children suffer from back pain.

Problems similar to those posed in a classroom setting present at home where students spend many hours each week in front of a computer, doing homework between their gaming and social media activities.

Ergo Kids' Furniture to the Rescue

Recently, Posture in Style of hooked up with Funktionsmöbel GmbH, becoming the exclusive U.S. distributor of the German manufacturer’s unique ergonomic furniture for students.

Funktionsmöbel analyzed research on poor student posture in developing ta line designed to counteract common problems.
The end result is scholastic home furniture products that offer a variety of adjustments to tailor key functional components to an individual child’s comfort needs.

For example, the desks include patented “Comfort” feet allowing the desks to always be at the right height to ensure good posture and the tilt-able desktops accommodate the natural slant of the head, resulting in relaxed neck muscles and less tendency to assume a "hunchback position."

In addition, the recessed computer monitor mounts provide the optimal viewing angle and distance to reduce eye strain and the swing-up keyboard trays reduce wrist strain and mitigate carpal tunnel syndrome. Meanwhile, the chairs have been engineered to feature adjustable depth and height as well as an oscillating backrest for proper spinal alignment.

Furniture that Grows as a Child Grows
Not only does the furniture’s adjustments help promote proper posture, they allow the furniture to expand and grow with children as their needs – both physical and education – change. Thus, rather than replacing a child’s furniture every few years, the ergonomic furniture is fully adjustable to accompany children from pre-school to high school and beyond.

Components, colors, motifs, and fabrics can be added or removed as needs change, ensuring that the furniture is always the right fit for the child.

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Adjustable features of the ergonomic scholastic
furniture line below was developed to promote
proper posture.

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