ShopBot integrated beam system for its CNC cutting systems.

With over 950 exhibitors, 12,000 attendees and hundreds of thousands of square feet of exhibition, the 2010 International Woodworking Fair (IWF), held Aug. 25 - 28 in Atlanta, defies a simple summary. The comprehensive coverage appears at, a microsite where every video, blog and relevant story is still being posted. And IWF-related features appear in this issue on pages 31 (Intooligence), 34 (Accoya wood) and 36 (BrikStar) about wood and woodworking technologies seen at IWF.

One theme spanning the breadth of the IWF show is the Challengers Awards. CWB has covered the original entrants and the finalists. The Challengers Distinguished Achievement Awards selection committee named the seven winning entries at a ceremony on the show floor. The winning companies included: Benz, Binks Devilbiss, Cabinotch, ETP Transmission, King Slide, Leitz Tooling and Precision Drive Systems.

Winning companies were chosen from among 22 woodworking technology and supply finalists. A total of 80 products were
entered by 65 companies. The seven winning products are:

GTII Mortise and Tenon Jig.
Kaeser Airtower is aimed for small-shop

Decore-ative Specialties’ new line of aluminum
frame doors and glass inserts has four styles
and eight different glass inserts.

TigerStop debuted its portable TigerPro length
measuring stop system.
BENZ Inc.: Reciprocating Knife Cutter (RCK)
The Reciprocating Knife Cutter is designed to add a new level of versatility to a “C”-axis equipped CNC machine. It utilizes a standard spoil board to hold material. The RCK is designed to cut fabrics, leather, veneers, rubber, carpet, cork, vinyl and other similar products.

Binks, DeVilbiss: Binks MX Pump - MX412
The Binks MX Series of pumps support one- or two-gun spray finishing in air assist airless applications. It has a specially designed air motor and fluid section combination that helps reduce rejected parts, coating costs and energy consumption.

Cabinotch provides a brand new way to build custom cabinets. The patent pending system allows cabinetmakers to go online and order exact sized cabinets in height, width and depth to the thousandth of an inch. This system supplies an innovative interlocking cabinet system, delivered flat stacked direct to the shop. Cabinotch can be used to completely build even challenging cabinets like a lazy susan base or an angled upper in less than five minutes. Assembly is described as simple, fast, accurate and square.

ETP Transmission Inc.: ETP CUBIT
ETP won for its new patented adjustable system, ETP CUBIT, introduced at IWF. The ETP CUBIT is described as a complete new concept for adjustable systems. Profiling of the tongue and groove in flooring can now be done with extreme precision and repeatability. It is described as having a user-friendly design taking just three steps to reach profiles successfully.

King Slide Works Co.: Push-Open-Silent Soft-Close Undermount Slide
King Slide has combined the touch-to-open and soft-closing technologies in its 1A88 slide. This slide uses an electric-free, all-mechanical design that eliminates the need for drawer handles. It is also said to prevent accidental knocks. A silent soft-closing design allows the drawer to retract slowly, and ensures full retraction of the drawer, says King Slide Works.

Leitz Tooling Systems: RipTec Cutting
At IWF Leitz Tooling Systems introduced RipTec technology, and won a Challengers Award for it. Patented for window production, the RipTec system is said to drastically decrease blow-out on end-grain machining, which for windows creates a stronger joint, sealing against water and air penetration. Used in conjunction with finish planers, such as Leitz CentroStar or VariPlan, on four-sided moulders, the RipTec pre-cutter virtually eliminates plucked grain in difficult-to-machine woods.

Precision Drive Systems: Dyna-Loc ATC Spindle
The 6138 Dyna Loc is a compact automatic tool change spindle system that incorporates standard HSK-style tool holders. In this design, the conventional drawbar and spring packs are removed and the pneumatic actuator is moved to the front of the spindle. Precision Drive Systems says advantages of this system are as follows: fail-safe design eliminates accidental tool ejection in the unlikely event of a failure; elimination of hollow shaft, drawbar, and spring packs; and elimination of expensive HSK clamping sets.

Smaller is Big
Recurring themes in the custom woodworking arena were the development of smaller tools and machinery, and establishment of packages and price points to appeal to the beleaguered businesses that need to cut costs or to find practical and immediate fixes for vexing problems in day-to-day operations.

TigerStop, for example, debuted TigerPro, an automatic length measuring stop system that attaches quickly to a saw table or other fixture. Users enter the dimensions into the controller, place the wood (or metal) on the stop to make an accurate cut, punch, or drill. TigerStop says it helps complete jobs up to 33 percent faster. It is portable so it can automate cuts in the shop or pack up and to the cabinet install site.

“Small is Big” was evident in ShopBot’s newest offering, the Desktop small-format CNC machine. With a work area of 18 by 24 by 4 inch, and movement resolution of 0.00025 inch, it has very little backlash, says ShopBot. The Desktop system includes ShopBot PartWorks software and is available with a router or spindle option. ShopBot sees the Desktop as professional caliber, for use in shop work-cells, for example, for detailed engraving or complex 3-D machining for value-added extras for projects.

Oliver Machinery showed its IntelliCarve, a 3-axis CNC controlled carving machine capable of transferring 3-D images onto work pieces up to a maximum dimension of 15 by 20 by 4 inches. It is capable of working with wood, plastic, ceramic, acrylic, plexi-glass and other comparable materials.

General International introduced several new models at IWF, with its carving and Junior Series serving the smaller formats. Mid-range or smaller-format CNCs were also shown by AXYZ (Model 4000), CAMaster (Cobra), MultiCAM (3000), Laguna (Puma Series) and Techno (LC Tabletop and LC Series). Bigger industrial machines from CR Onsrud and Thermwood were also on display at IWF.

Shops run on air, and small-scale solutions figured big in this area at IWF as well. Kaeser, for example, featured its Airtower, which it describes as a competitively-priced model with a rotary screw air compressor, storage tank and dryer in one durable and compact unit.

Designed for light industrial and commercial workshops, Airtowers come in 4-, 5- and 7-1/2-hp models delivering up to 28 cfm.

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