W&WP May 2002 


It's Post Time for the WOOD 100

By Rich Christianson

An interesting perspective of just how tough or surprisingly good business was, is, and might be, will be revealed this September in Wood & Wood Products 13th WOOD 100 Report.

An open invitation for readers to participate in our annual tribute to fast-growing wood products companies is now online. We are extremely intrigued to learn more about companies that bucked the downward trend in generating greater sales in 2001 than they did in 2000.

Based on the results of a survey of WOOD 100 companies that we conducted in December to gauge the impact of the 9-11 terrorist attacks, we know that several executives did not expect their companies to qualify this year. Many more of the company executives, however, indicated their companies did grow in 2001, albeit most often at a growth level lower than they had anticipated prior to September 11.

Whether or not the average growth rate for the 2002 WOOD 100 group will reach the typical 15% to 25% range will largely fall on the shoulders of fast-growing companies that did not take part in last year's WOOD 100, including companies that have never participated.

WOOD 100 Testimonials
The main reason companies do not participate is that they do not want to reveal their sales figures in an industry trade magazine. That is their prerogative, but in an attempt to convince them otherwise I offer these arguments from some of the WOOD 100 company executives that participated last year:

* "We first participated in 2000 and management and employees were delighted with the recognition. Shop morale is way up as is both the quality and quantity of our output." - Kim Farley, Artisan Woodcrafters, Auburn, CA 

* "Many customers and vendors read Wood & Wood Products. It helps to be seen as a growth-oriented, progressive company in the eyes of these folks." - Bill Dewitt, Lexington Mfg., Minneapolis, MN 

* "We feel we are remaining at the top and being picked as one of the WOOD 100 proves our success." - Angela Schrock, Colonial Craft, Roseville, MN 

* "Clients have noted our growth and have developed a trust in our company." - Harry Frnka, PIN, Irving, TX 

* "Our employees feel proud, rewarded." - John Wiley, Elipticon Wood Products, Little Chute, WI 

* "A press release to our local paper triggered a full-page article." - Ken Dietel, Bluegrass Furniture Co. Inc., Fordsville, KY 

* "We have had an increase in the number of suppliers who contact us whom we never heard of before. We are doing business with some of them now and saving money on purchases." - Stephen Pevarnik, Steflo Builder Inc., Greensburg, PA 

* "Positive press is always beneficial. It's nice to be recognized in our industry's leading journal." - Steve Kelley, SK Cabinets & Millwork Inc., Conroe, TX 

* "Customers like seeing the award as it gives them more confidence about who we are and what we do." - Roch Hannasch, Burgetts Inc., Eden Prairie, MN 

* "It is interesting to gauge how we do relative to others in our industry. It is also of value for others to recognize our growth." - Mike Rone, Northern Contours, Fergus Falls, MN

* "We have grown so quickly that many customers did not realize the larger size of projects that we successfully and repeatedly complete." - Jody Lyon, Creative Laminates Inc., La Crosse, WI 

* "We're proud of our growth and the challenge to be a more active participant in the woodworking industry." - Brian Dumaine, Impressions Architectural Woodwork, Cypress, TX

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