At the very least, you have to give the guys at Clab4design kudos for coming up with some very interesting names for their furniture pieces. Indeed, Clab4design is short for Creative Lab for Furniture Design.

The Italian company touts products like the I'm a Woodworker Sideboard, Homesick Fly Bench and Rubik Cube. Plus, to further demonstrate its creative streak, the company makes G- Wedding Purses, made of wood, of course.

The Homesick Fly Bench is perhaps most worthy of an explanation for its inspiration.

"On a hot and humid day, a fly flew into my car. At first I did not notice it, but after it started annoying me, I tried to kill it in every possible way. Since I could not kill the fly, and it was not safe to keep driving without concentrating, I decided to stop and let it out. I parked the car near the shore of a lake.

"It was a wonderful day: the sun was warm and the previous night’s rain had cleared the sky. As I opened the door, I felt the light and the clean air come into my car. I got out to enjoy the place and the day."

The I'm a Woodworker Sideboard features design
pencil traces, saw marks and other characteristics
of a piece of custom furniture in process. Below is
Clab4design's Rubik Cube furniture.
The Homesick Fly Bench has a most
interestingly mundane story behind it.

The Homesick Fly Bench is the epitomy of Clab4Design to turn the obvious into the oblivious.

But ft that's too weird, the company also fabricates more readily understood furniture based on the iconic Rubik's Cube.

But it's not just about furniture. Check out the G Wedding Purse made from scrap wood and plywood. It's the company's credo to waste not want not.

Clab4design says it was "born from a project named “Sensitive to wood” launched in 2002. The company got popular and grew, but claims it "did not lose its strong human component, which is passed on to our customers and to their living environment through the furniture that we produce. We have always been striving to create an empathic relationship with our final clients, trying to convey the personality, culture, feelings, and mood of the people involved in the design and manufacturing of our furniture into the furniture itself."


Not just furniture, Clab4design also manufactures
the fansionable G. wedding handbag made of
scrap wood and plywood. It sells for 180 Euros.

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