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Utilizing a large workforce, idX Corp. manufactures store fixtures and custom millwork for a client portfolio that reads like a “Who’s Who” of retail, including Levi’s, Guess, Microsoft, Marriott Corp., Starbucks, CitiGroup, Coach, Charles Schwab, Old Navy, Gap, JCPenney, T-Mobile, Williams Sonoma and more. The company has eight facilities and offices worldwide, housing more than 1,700,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space.

Each plant is linked to streamline manufacturing and offer the seamless integration of processes. “All manufacturing facilities are tied systemically, and production-leveling can be done across all idX manufacturing locations,” says Terry Schultz, CEO. “If it adds value to the customer, idX can easily move production to its sister facilities.”

“There are a couple of reasons idX’s locations work so well together,” says David Kilgore, general manager of the Louisville facility. “The engineering platforms [at each location] are identical, so we can very easily share our engineering,” he says. “Our engineers talk monthly about common problems we have and differences in our plants. We talk about all the things that stand in the way of us using common engineering to make our fixtures. We also all use the same ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. We have visibility into our sister divisions, so we can see their data and they can see our data.”

idX is also a strong proponent of lean manufacturing and its role in providing flow through the shop floor. “We are always aware of opportunities, where applicable, to streamline project production flow through manufacturing,” Schultz says. “Productivity, safety and on-time shipments are a few key measurements that are tracked and monitored to drive continuous improvement.”

Source: WoodworkingNetwork.com/RedBook

idX Goes Lean

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