With worldwide sales of more than 6 million windows and doors annually, it is no surprise that Andersen Windows & Doors has taken a lead role in advocating green manufacturing.

The company’s “Andersen” and “Renewal by Andersen” branded products received recycled content certification by Scientific Certification Systems earlier this year. The certification is among the first of its kind in the window and door industry and identifies the minimum amount of reclaimed materials.

Being recognized for its environmental efforts is nothing new for Andersen. It is a charter member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s National Environmental Performance Track Initiative for its efforts in reducing VOC emissions and waste/byproduct volumes, the establishment of a wood source initiative and the restoration of property to its native habitat. The company was the first window, door and skylight manufacturer to have Green Seal certified energy efficient products and also the first in its category to win the EPA’s award as an outstanding Energy Star Homes Manufacturer Ally. Andersen also earned a Minnesota Environmental Initiative Award for outstanding partnerships between business, government and environmental groups and has been recognized under Green Business and Environmental Management for its steam generating facility.

Certified supplies
As part of its sustainable initiatives, the company uses certified and recycled materials whenever possible. “We purchase from certified sources, utilizing several programs like FSC and SFI,” says Susan Roeder, community affair manager. “We also hold FSC Chain-of-Custody certification through several FSC programs for several of our manufacturing sites and product centers.”

Andersen also supports Metafore, formerly the Certified Forest Products Council, a non-profit organization that collaborates with business and the public to create market-based approaches to support forests and communities.

“Andersen has long believed that environmental stewardship is a critical part of our business,” says Roeder. “It is reflected in our values and our daily work. We have a long track record of achievements and history supporting this claim. Employing these practices or strategies is a natural part of our business.”

Waste-saving strategies
“Andersen uses nearly all the wood resource entering its facilities in some beneficial way,” says Roeder. “The vast majority goes directly into our wood-clad product lines. Shorter and narrower wood pieces are fingerjointed or edge-glued together to form longer or wider sections that are used for non-visual applications like interior frames. Third, recovered wood is often used for packaging aides in shipping our finished product.”

Even the sawdust generated in Andersen’s cutting and milling operations is utilized. “Our first choice is as the main ingredient in Fibrex, our patented composite material which is used as a structural material in many of our products. This composite contains up to 40 percent sawdust by weight. Our second choice for sawdust is to use it as fuel to power our state-of-the-art steam generating plant. Finally, sawdust may be sold for other beneficial uses, such as farm animal bedding,” Roeder says.

Not content to rest on its laurels, Roeder says “Andersen Corp.’s future plans are to continue on our present path of sustainability which, of course, includes continued environmental stewardship. We will continue to work with the entire supply chain in promoting and implementing the principles of sustainability. We will also continue to disclose the appropriate information to our stakeholders through certifications, third party endorsements and our normal business practices.”

A privately-owned business founded in 1903 in Hudson, WI, by Dutch immigrant Hans Andersen, Andersen Windows & Doors today is an international enterprise, employing more than 9,000 people at more than 20 locations. Its Bayport, MN headquarters is a massive 2.8 million-square-foot facility covering 65 acres. The corporation annually manufactures more than 6 million windows and doors and has sales worldwide.

Andersen uses certified and recycled materials in its award-winning windows and doors.

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