We all have goals and expectations. However, it’s how, or even if, we achieve these expectations that leaves a lasting impression.

Some can’t take the pressure and choke. The Chicago Cubs are a perfect example. Despite winning the National League Central Division for the first time since 2003, (a 19-game turnaround from the abysmal 2006 season, when they finished last in the National League), the Cubs batted just .194 for the post season (.087 with runners in scoring position), for a three-and-out playoff season.

Others do far better at realizing their expectation. For example, Hall-of-Famer Cal Ripken left baseball at the top of his game, holding the streak for most consecutive starts at 2,632. That translates to working slightly longer than 10 straight years, five days a week, with no vacation time or sick days.

While I beat Ripken in the longevity department (21 years and counting at Vance Publishing), I still have a way to go in order to attain the expectations I’ve set for myself. For the short term, the goal continues to be to expand my horizons: go to more trade shows, attend association meetings and get into more woodworking plants to learn further about the people and processes that make North American woodworking a lucrative and worthwhile industry.

I’m lucky enough to have opportunities to achieve the expectations I’ve set for myself. For those of you who don’t have the resources or time to do your own networking and research, in addition to reading this issue, make it a point to visit www.iswonline.com, your source for up-to-date industry news, plus current and archived articles, including our in-depth State of the Industry Reports, case histories and technology trends.

So, use our resource network to help you enhance your knowledge and increase expectations — for your business and your life.

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