Blue Moon Designs creates unique bird houses.

Everyone needs a home, even the fowl of the air. Randy Martin, owner and chief designer, of Blue Moon Designs of Delhi, NY, creates unique habitats for his "feathered friends" with a line of carved bird houses.

These houses are "loosely based on German Folklore of house spirits and the idea that they bring you luck and keep you safe," Martin says. But mainly they are an interpretation of life’s humor and "the characters in life that make you smile."

Martin, a former software salesperson, decided to escape corporate life and use his skills as an amateur woodworker to start Blue Moon Designs. His work reflects his "love of nature and appreciation for neat stuff."

The bird houses are designed to be "original, fun, rustic products at a reasonable price," Martin says. Birds can fly in and out of the houses through the mouth and nose of the carved faces.

To fabricate these "homes," Martin converted a Scolpitrice carving machine to CNC, and he uses ArtCAM to help develop his ideas. The designs are scanned into the software and he uses its drawing tools to clean up the sketch, he says.

Since the company’s inception, it has developed a network of dealers across the United States for its bird houses. Martin says he hopes to expand into Europe.
Blue Moon Designs is also looking to expand its custom work into other areas. "We are hoping to develop a range of designs for other products and we're also now offering the service to carve parts for other companies who may need to make multiple copies but do not have our capacity for production," Martin adds.
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