The following is a small sampling of some General Duty Clause citations issued by OSHA under the Combustible Dust NEP:

1. Dust collectors located inside buildings, but without proper explosion protection (i.e., venting or suppression).

2. Deflagration isolation systems were not provided.

3. Ductwork for the dust collection system did not maintain a velocity of at least 4,500 fpm to ensure transport of both coarse and fine particles.

All components of the dust collection system were not constructed of noncombustible materials, in that cardboard boxes were used as collection hoppers.

5. The air from the dust collector was recycled through duct work back into the work area, without the protection of a spark detection system, high-speed abort gate and/or functioning extinguishing system.

6. Collection points used for manual cleanup of wood dust and other foreign material, including metal, were not provided with magnetic separators, grates or other types of screening to prevent foreign material from entering the dust collection system.

7. Automatic sprinkler systems were not provided on enclosureless dust collectors operating at 5,500 cfm capacity and were not separated by at least 20 feet from each other inside the buildings.

Source: OSHA Status Report
on the Combustible Dust
National Emphasis Program

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