Spotlighted below are some of the nested-based CNC routers available on the marketplace.

Capable of processing speeds up to 105 m/min, the new Weeke Vantage 36L from Stiles Machinery comes with a 14 position automatic tool changer operating on the X-, Y-, and Z-axes as well as a rotary C-axis. Designed for routing and boring of flat components nested into full sheets of material, the processing tools utilize the entire working area of the 12-ft by 5-ft table. (616) 698-7500;

From Biesse America, the Rover A machining center is designed for processing door and window, furniture and cabinet components. Features include: a large guide system, 18-location magazine alongside the X carriage, large boring block, and ATS (Advanced Table Setting) for fast and easy setup. The Rover A can be equipped with a dedicated horizontal router for deep mortising machining in high-production environments. (704) 357-3131,

Delmac Machinery Group’s Busellato JET Concept Series of CNC machining centers features working areas from 4 ft by 10 ft up to 4 ft by 20 ft and can be equipped with a 10-position head mounted changer and an 18- or 24-position post mounted changer. Four different versions of drill head configurations are available with up to 27 spindles. The IMC pod and rail system can be equipped with automatic motorized positioning. (336) 854-1211;

The PROMASTER XL offers large machining dimensions in the X, Y and Z direction, Holz-Her says, for thick workpieces. The series features four table types: flat, matrix, console and Meta dual table; a 21-1/2-hp, 1,000-24,000 rpm, liquid-cooled electrospindle with 18 vertical boring spindles; two double boring spindles for horizontal bores in the X direction; and one double boring spindle for horizontal bores in the Y direction. (704) 587-3400;

CR Onsrud introduces the “Frame Pro,” available with a cast-iron fixed-bridge moving table design, twin-table moving gantry design, or a continuous triple-table moving gantry design. All three designs are available with or without: roller hold-down capability, multiple heads, multi-spindle piggyback drilling blocks and automatically adjustable servo head spacing. (704) 528-4528;

Available from Thermwood Corp., the Cabinet Shop Series CS45-510 machine is a complete nested-based CNC routing system for machining cabinet boxes, custom furniture and support products. It accepts files from all major design software packages and has the ability to nest parts at the control. (800) 533-6901,

Omnitech Systems’ Selexx ECO features: a 10-hp spindle, 8-position automatic tool changer with HSK 63F tool holders; piggyback drill; and an industrial vacuum pump. Offered with a 4-ft by 8-ft table, the machine base is constructed of industrial-grade welded steel. (704) 529-8369,

Komo Machine’s Mach Xtreme CNC machining center can be combined with the Komo Automatic Material Handling System for a 30 second cycle time to unload, clean and load new material. Parts can be labeled on the machine, and the conveyor can be used to separate the machined nest. (320) 252-0580,

SCM Group USA offers the Routech Record 132 TVN Prisma 5-axis CNC router, which is designed for window and door applications. The machine is available in up to a 19.7-ft by 4-ft table size, with vacuum cups and clamps worktable. Features include: 5-axis head unit; 10-hp, 20,000 RPM, 18 or nine spindle drill unit; and 12-, 24-, 48- and 72-position tool changer. (800) 292-1850,

The Stratos Pro Series from Anderson America offers nested based machining, dual zone small-part production and individual part production. It features a 10-position automatic tool changer, 10 by 7 vertical spindle head on the 32mm boring unit, X and Y axis horizontal drilling units and open architecture ANDI-Fanuc control. (704) 522-1823;

MultiCam says its new 3000 Series nested-based CNC router features table sizes up to 60 in. by 240 in. and an 11-hp automatic tool changer. A 100% duty-cycle spindle is standard, along with an optional 4-spindle, 32mm drill bank. All 3000 Series machines feature a high-speed simultaneous 3-axis motion control system and MultiCam’s hand-held operator interface. (972) 929-4070;

Hendrick/RWH Industries Inc. offers the 20 ZXGN CNC router series featuring a 12-hp high frequency spindle with an automatic 6-tool changer and a 12-hp vacuum pump. The moving gantry design utilizes AC servo drives, linear ways and ball screws on all axes for smooth and accurate movement, with feed rates up to 2,000 ipm and a positioning accuracy of ±0.002 in., with a repetitive accuracy of ±0.0008 in. (978) 741-3600,

ShopSabre’s 7214 offers a large cutting area up to 84 in. wide and 146 in. in length. The Z clearance is 8 in., or 10 in. optional, and it has a 9 in. Z travel. As with all its machines, ShopSabre says the 7214 is fully welded and has 200 lbs of cut force. (800) 493-6021,

Techno Inc. offers the LC “X” Series of CNC routers, which can be equipped with a 10-hp automatic tool change spindle, multi-zone vacuum table, multiple spindles, reverse engineering and fourth axis rotary outrigger routing. Eight standard models are offered, ranging in work envelopes from 59 in. by 120 in. to 98 in. by 168 in.; special sizes are available upon request. (800) 819-3366,

CMS North America Inc. offers the AVANT Series of moving bridge/fixed table machining centers, available in four different widths, from 5 ft to 9 ft, and seven different lengths, from 11-1/2 ft to 32 ft. Available units include four-station and eight-station revolvers with 11.4-hp spindles, as well as 3- and 4-axis, 16-hp automatic tool-changing spindles. (800) 225-5267,

FlexiCAM’s ProNBM Series handles sheets 4 ft by 8 ft, 5 ft by 8 ft, 5 ft by 10 ft and 5 ft by 12 ft. In addition to single sheets, some models can be configured for two sheet, front/back operation. The Y axis process area width is 61 in., and the X process area length ranges from 104 in. to 318 in., depending on the model. (866) 353-9422,

The CNT-950 Series router from CNT Motion Systems features a 60-in. by 120-in. machining area, Danaher AC brushless servo motors to drive positioning speeds of up to 1200 ipm, tool changers, boring heads and vacuum fixturing. The company says the machine can tackle heavier applications, including hardwoods, plastics, non-ferrous metals and solid surface, and can be used for nested-based manufacturing. (412) 244-5770

JRM Intl carries the Maka line of 3, 4 and 5-axis CNC routers for furniture, cabinetry, and door and window production. The Model CM27T is designed for heavy-duty use and has two 5-ft by 5-ft tandem tables. (815) 282-9330,

ShopBot Tools says its PRSalpha is a complete CNC system with 2-D and 3-D cutting, drilling, carving and machining capabilities for applications in wood, acrylic and non-ferrous metals. The PRSalpha also has rapid transit speeds of 1,500 ipm and cutting speeds of up to 600 ipm. (919) 680-4800,

The 5000 Series from AXYZ can process material up to 72 in. wide, in lengths starting at 122 in. The machine features a rack-and-pinion drive system for the X and Y axis, and a 10-in. ball screw Z axis stroke with standard 6-in. clearance. (800) 361-3408,

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