Calling All Moulders

W&WP highlights 12 moulders from a few of the industry leaders.


SCM GROUP USA introduces the SCMI Superset "Class" throughfeed moulder, which has a 9-in. by 5-in. moulding capacity. The machine is equipped with two bottom, two top and two vertical spindles, which have a 3.15-in. vertical adjustment. SCM says the amount of adjustment allows for stacking of multiple tools. Options include Control 20 spindle positioning and chromed fences and worktables.

(800) 292-1850


Weinig Group

Weinig's Powermat 1000 moulder is equipped with the PowerLock Tooling system, which allows tool speeds up to 12,000 rpm and frequency-controlled feed ranges from 20 to 120 fpm. A user can choose from five- or 11-tool holders and to what extent to use the PowerLock feature; the tooling system is compatible with both conventional and PowerLock tools, Weinig says.

(704) 799-0100


Lobo Machinery Corp.

Lobo Machinery offers a wide selection of 4- to 9-spindle moulders with: any combination of head positions; push or throughfeed; variable feed speed; digital control of cutter position; high-speed spindle; 6-in. to 12-in. width; totally enclosed cover; auto-feed magazine; and a short stock mechanism. Lobo says its small- to large-capacity moulders feature solid cast-iron construction for maximum stability.

(562) 949-3747


Martin Woodworking Machinery Corp.

The new Martin T92 moulder takes a cue from CNC machining centers in featuring belt-less direct drive of its tools. Martin says this allows smoother running of the spindle and "almost complete freedom" from maintenance of the drive unit. The machine features a vertical stroke of 85mm on the right and left spindles. With its four to seven spindles, the T92 can machine workpieces up to 260mm wide and 180mm high.

(866) 523-3963


Williams & Hussey Machine Co. Inc.

For more than 50 years, Williams & Hussey has provided the woodworking industry with high-quality, American-made moulders, the company says. This moulder, built for professionals, is versatile and is capable of producing restoration mouldings, round tops, ellipses and straight mouldings. Custom profiles and more than 125 standard profiles are available as well, the company adds.

(800) 258-1380



Wilke Machinery

The Bridgewood CM-555 5-spindle moulder from Wilke Machinery incorporates throughfeed design with a chainless feed system. The model features a full coverage sound cover and safety enclosure and has a central dust collection hook-up. The top spindle and infeed rollers can be adjusted independently. The top spindle will allow a 7.1-in. maximum cutter diameter. The workpiece capacity allowed is 9-in. wide by 5-in. thick. The moulder operates at a variable-speed feed rate of 17 to 65 fpm and 43.5 hp.

(800) 235-2100


Mikron Woodworking Machinery

Mikron's M652R horizontal spindle moulder with a vertical router system forms complex mouldings safely and accurately, the company says. The variable speed motor and precise tracking system can create circular, elliptical and straight mouldings, stair parts, curved crowns and more.

(800) 496-4589




SK USA offers heavy-duty jointed and non-jointed moulders built for day-in and day-out production. A wide range of options and accessories are available. The company says SK Machinery has sold 7,000 moulders worldwide.

(319) 232-1926


Woodstock International Inc.

Woodstock offers the Shop Fox Model W1693 mini planer/moulder. The open-sided machine allows for extra-wide stock (maximum profile width: 63?4 in.; planing width: 7 in.) and features a 2-hp motor that runs the cutterhead at 7,000 rpm. The infeed and outfeed rollers can move the piece through at 15 fpm, Woodstock says.

(800) 840-8420



Sunhill Machinery

The Sunhill four-sided, four-spindle moulder, Model 423S, has a two-stage pneumatic-pressure feed roll in tandem with a 6-ft infeed roller. The 3-hp feed motor allows for a variable feed rate from 20 to 82 fpm, Sunhill says. The spindles operate at 6,000 rpm, with 30mm movement on the vertical spindle and 40mm movement on the horizontal spindle.

(800) 929-4321



Atlantic Machinery Corp.

Paoloni's Master Series of throughfeed moulders, available from Atlantic Machinery Corp., features a reinforced single-block steel frame that allows for a vibration-free operation. All models in the series feature a gear drive, digital readouts and each head has its own motor. Other options offered are a mechanical or pneumatic pressure of the pressure beam, a universal spindle or an electronic programmer for two axes.

(860) 354-7200


Logosol Inc.

Logosol says its four-sided planer/ moulder has been upgraded with micro-adjustment on fences, better chip flow and increased power. The machine is capable of producing custom flooring mouldings, sidings, paneling and more, the company adds. Logosol says it offers on-site training classes for the machine.

(601) 856-1889


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