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Established in 1983, Walton, KY-based MurphyCatton Inc. designs, manufactures and installs themed exhibits, specializing in museum and tradeshow exhibits, as well as corporate branding projects. The company employs more than 25 people at its 30,000-square-foot facility, and was featured in Wood & Wood Products January 2008 issue, as well as inclusion in the 2007 WOOD 100 list of fast-growing companies.

In an effort to add fluidity to shop processes and save time, Production Manager Randy Haas says the company recently employed a local fastener company to install and maintain a wall of fasteners and screws at MurphyCatton’s facility.

“This eliminates hunting through boxes of inventory for the correct nails or fasteners, and satisfies the need for craftsmen to keep a stash of nails or screws at their benches to complete projects,” says Haas.

MurphyCatton created a list of its most commonly used and repetitive fasteners and screws and gave it to its vendor, who in turn then provided the company with a comfortable solution for centrally storing the accessories. The move has definitely produced the desired results, as well as saved the company time and money, according to Haas.

“The effect is exactly what we wanted,” he says. “[The vendor] created a bin system that does nothing but hold our standard fasteners. They are easy to locate and the vendor maintains inventory levels. No more hunting for the right size fastener or running out and having to expedite inventory. Also, it does not require manpower to monitor the inventory.”

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