Despite registering a slight decrease of approximately 5% in preliminary attendance figures, for a total of 18,987, the 2007 AWFS Vegas Fair saw increases in attendance from a healthy cabinet manufacturing sector and, according to show management, exhibitors registered 5.2% more leads than they did at the previous show. Biesse, for example, said it recorded orders of $6.5 million over the four-day event, an increase of 36.9% over the 2005 fair.

The 2007 AWFS Vegas Fair took place July 18-22. The biennial event is sponsored by the Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers.

AWFS has attributed the decline in registration numbers to a drop in the furniture manufacturing and “non-manufacturer other” segments at this year’s show. The latter group is mainly suppliers, the association adds, many of whom attended the inaugural Las Vegas Fair in 2005 for evaluation purposes and returned as exhibitors in 2007.

The 2007 show set records in the number of exhibiting companies, 910, while the net square footage of exhibit space used reached 475,875, an increase of 14%. Other trade show milestones included a 40% increase in the number of new products vying for Sequoia Awards (120); a 30% increase in the number of entries (210) in the Fresh Wood student design competition and a 45% increase in attendance (almost 500) at the Thursday evening Awards Banquet, where winners were announced and honored. “Home Improvement” TV star Richard Karn was the celebrity host for the evening. (For a listing of Sequoia winners and the Student Design Best of Show, see accompanying articles.)

Sequoia Winners: 13 companies lauded for Innovation

Thirteen companies were honored with Sequoia New Product Awards at the AWFS Vegas Fair in July. The biennial awards program recognizes environmental achievement, innovative technology, ergonomics, productivity and safety.

According to AWFS, winners were chosen from a field of more than 120 new product submissions, a 40% increase from the number submitted at the previous show.

“A major hallmark of our association and the trade show is to inspire innovation and support entrepreneurs. The products and level of participation has shown that this initiative has proven to be extremely successful in both regards,” said Angelo Gangone, AWFS director of trade shows.

The winning companies, along with a product description, are listed below alphabetically.

Leadership in innovation - general

Apollo Sprayers Int’l.’s Apollo 7500T-The AtomiZer, features a new design with bronze plated spray head; precision fan control; new technology for atomizing particles; an advance in balance and lightweight design; and more. Apollo says it can deliver enhanced HVLP performance with any turbine or air compressor, 3-hp/20 gallon tank or larger. (888) 900-4857;; CIRCLE 185

Leadership in innovation & productivity - machinery over $50,000

The Selco EBTR 120 Twin Pusher, from Biesse America, utilizes two independent positioning units for the processing of a variety of cutting patterns. The Twin Pusher’s design provides users the opportunity to: process staggered strips; rip and crosscut; crosscut and load the next cycle; and crosscut and rotate head-cuts simultaneously. (704) 357-3131;; CIRCLE 186

Leadership in Environmental achievement

Delle Vedove says the patented technology of its UV-X system cures UV coatings without generating heat and with significantly less energy. It applies UV coatings on resinous or oily woods, as well as heat sensitive plastics, without deforming or burning the piece. Energy and production time are saved because the UV-X turns “ON” and “OFF” instantly. (704) 598-0020;; CIRCLE 187

Leadership in innovation - hardware

The Arena Champagne Collection from Häfele America Co. includes tall and chef’s pantries, base pull-outs, interior base cabinet drawers, base and upper corner Susans, spice racks, under-sink pullouts, the Magic Corner I and II, as well as the LeMans corner system. All products incorporate a unique combination of the Arena shelving, which has a patented non-slip coating on maple shelves, in conjunction with a champagne colored wire surround. (800) 423-3531;; CIRCLE 188

Leadership in innovation - components

Hardwoods Specialty Products offers Echo Wood, which it says is an environmentally responsible alternative to lumber and veneers. According to the company, the wood is defect free and consistent in color and grain. The process of manipulating common wood fiber through computer design and technology enables it to produce the natural appearance of most species, the company says. (916) 381-8440;; CIRCLE 189

Leadership in Ergonomics/Safety

LRH Enterprises says its Magic Molder is the only carbide-tipped moulder head for saws that allows the moulding of natural woods and composite materials. It features 83 different interchangeable profiles, and has a 7-in. diameter head, anti-kickback, chip-limiter designed to produce a safer and quieter tool. (818) 782-0226;; CIRCLE 190

Leadership in Productivity - power tools

Onsrud Cutter LP says its Tuff Core Compression 3/8-in.-diameter router bit utilizes a dual-grade carbide with a tough inner core for added strength and a wear resistant outer shell for longer life. The Tuff Core allows feed rates to be increased up to 155% over conventional tools, the company says, adding that higher yields are also possible as standard 1/2-in. compression tools can be replaced with the 3/8-in. tool. (847) 362-1560;; CIRCLE 191

Leadership in Innovation & Productivity - tooling

According to Penntek Tools, the Versaclamp is the only clamp that can change from a bench mounted vise system to a standard bar clamp. The jaws rotate, enabling the clamp to work at any angle when mounted. The Versaclamp’s cam-locking feature can generate up to 400 lbs of force regardless of the users hand strength. (724) 352-1507;; CIRCLE 192

Leadership in innovation - power tools

The Work Sharp WS3000, from Professional Tool Mfg., offers three ways to sharpen tools: top side with tool rest, the chisel and plane iron port and the edge-vision port. The WS3000 sharpens chisel and plane blades up to 2-in.-wide to a 20°, 25°, 30° or 35° bevel angle, without any set-up time. The machine uses a 1/5-hp motor and produces a high torque max wheel speed of 580 rpm. (800) 597-6170;; CIRCLE 193

Leadership in productivity - machinery under $50,000

TigerStop says the TigerSaw is a fast, push-feed system that features precision-ground tables and heavy-duty construction. TigerSaw pushes, defects, optimizes, cuts and labels material in perpetual motion. The saw is simple to maintain through easy access to system parts and self-diagnostics, the company adds. (360) 254-0661;; CIRCLE 194

Leadership in innovation - machinery under $50,000

Travaini Pumps says its EVO Dynaseal vacuum system provides suitable vacuum for CNC router tables in a smaller, maintenance-friendly package. The system has a smaller footprint, runs quieter and is cooler than most vacuum technology, the company says. (757) 988-3930;; CIRCLE 195

Leadership in innovation - general

Available from Louis and Co., Wurth Fill and Finish water-based wood filler is a four-in-one product that can be used as a wood putty, crack filler, grain and edge filler and can be sprayed, stained, sanded, routed, drilled and sawed. Because it does not contain acrylic or latex, it will not shrink, sink, crack or fall out, and can be mixed with any type of stain including water-based, oil-based, spirit stains and oxides. (714) 529-1771;; CIRCLE 196

Almost 19,000 people were in attendance for the 2007 AWFS Vegas Fair, held July 18-22 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The show set records for the number of exhibiting companies, 910, and net square footage of exhibit space, 475,875.

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