Bit technology continues to evolve as changes in the composition and geometry of these cutting tools keep pace with developments in substrates, new application requirements and the continual need for faster-paced production in the plant. What follows is a sampling of some of the bits that are available in the marketplace. For a complete listing of bit manufacturers and suppliers, visit

LMT Onsrud claims the Marathon is the longest running compression tool due to its cutting geometry and the addition of the Onsrud coating. The coating protects the cutting edge from the high temperatures generated when routing laminated and composite wood. (847) 362-1560,

Leuco offers a variety of bits, including PCD through-hole bits. Features include special cutting edge geometry with roof-shaped tip and double chamfer, and chip-free whole edges. They are for use in boring, CNC machining and drilling in a variety of materials. (800) 433-1630,

Saber Diamond manufactures a wide variety of diamond cutting tools for the woodworking industry. The company says it has computerized tracking of each tool order and can offer customers custom tooling, as well as off-the-shelf standards. (888) 240-4324,

Nap Gladu offers a large selection of tooling for routing and CNC machining. Products range from standard solid carbide, to custom design inserts, to diamond tipped and can be used to machine wood, ferrous, non-ferrous or plastic materials. (800) 457-7468,

Vortex Tool says its XP “Extreme Performance” Series offers an increased tool life of 10 to 1 over current tool technology. The XP series is available in the most popular two flute compression geometries. (800) 355-7708,

Misenheimer offers carbide bits in stock and custom configurations and featuring tight tolerances. The company says it has a broad product offering, with large stocking quantities and quick turnaround available. (888) 587-0060,

Royce//Ayr offers standard and custom tooling for a variety of applications. The Eco-Spark PCD bit is designed to withstand the pressures of routing melamine and veneered composite cores and features 2+2 wings with plunge. (800) 959-5641,
Guhdo offers special-design PCD router bits which it says can machine abrasive materials at higher feed rates, such as melamine, veneered particleboard, HPL, solid surface, thermoplastics, etc. Guhdo says the router bits also have high-density tool bodies and a low cutting force. (800) 544-8436,

Leitz says its new generation of spiral cutters combines the features of roughing and finishing router cutters in one tool. The new design of chip breakers and cutting-edge coating enables the spiral cutters to consume less power compared to other roughing cutters, Leitz claims. (800) 253-6070,

Charles G.G. Schmidt says with the addition of multi-axis CNC milling machines and grinders, its capabilities for manufacturing custom tooling have expanded. Tooling for CNC routers, moulders, tenoners and shapers comes in brazed and insert styles and can be made to specification. (800) 724-6438,

Lach Diamond Inc. offers profile router bits for use in slotwall machines or CNC routers. Lach says the tools can be re-tipped and sharpened, restoring them to their original dimensions for consistent slots. Standard sizes are available from stock, with custom designs available. (800) 522-4872,

Southeast Tool offers a Euro style carbide-tipped flush trim bit. The bit has a square bearing and will not stick or build up to most adhesives used in laminate routing, the company says. The bits are available in 1/2- and 3/4-in. diameters and shanks. (828) 324-2019,

Riverside Tool Corp. offers custom insert, PCD and carbide-tipped tooling, including bits, cutterheads, groovers and spiral insert heads. The PCD compression spiral bits are available in 1/2–in. to 3/4-in. cutting diameter. (800) 430-8498,

Affinity Tool Works announced it is now the distributor of FISH bits in the United States and Canada. The bits can be used on solid wood, laminates, aluminum and plastic. (248) 588-0395,

Techniks Inc. says its tool holders will help improve CNC router performance and extend cutting tool life. The company also offers collets, aggregate heads and accessories for CNC routers. (800) 597-3921,

A Bit of Cutting Tools 
Bit technology and usage continues to advance. Photo courtesy of Biesse.

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