Readers commented on worker shortages; vertical panel saws that lift panels for bottoms trims; textured panel sources; and Lean Manufacturing webcast.

Woodworkers: Most Commented Articles May 2013Not only Putsch introduced such a clamping system at the LIGNA show; Striebig had two new models with a similar system as well. I guess both of them finally recognized that this is the most efficient way of cutting on a vertical panel saw. It is sad it took them seven years to develop such machines. ELCON introduced the technology at the 2007 LIGNA show with the Advance and Advance Quadra models. [ELCON saws are available at Adwood.-Ed.] Rudolf Stockinger, Adwood Corp., High Point, NC

Re: KML Textured Panels: Can you name some locations or distributors” in my area in the Pacific Northwest? [KML is in Tacoma, WA. Call 888-358-5075.] Seattle, WA

Re: Lean Manufacturing Webcast : I am helping my wife run a woodworking business. The webcast is very informative and while I am a Kanban believer, there certainly is something that I learned in this webcast. More power and thanks. [Watch it at Ding Villanueva Ding Villanueva, via Kampyle Survey

Comment on Video “How the French Build Kitchen Islands”: It was interesting to see how our woodworking brethren construct kitchen islands in France. He had an impressive lumber supply on hand. Once you are familiar with decimal dimensions, the metric measurement becomes simple, no fractions or complex calculations. Interested reader, via Kampyle Survey

Re: Where to find Woodworkers (April 2013 CWB magazine) Your article was just what I needed to hear. We have been looking for a seasoned woodworker for three weeks. Our company was a small woodshop for residential years ago, and expanded overnight. Labor shortages in the industry make our jobs very difficult...almost like a snowball effect. Thanks for your perspective. Tara Palazzotto~Helms, Operations Dir., McGrew Architectural Woodwork, Columbia, SC

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