Wood Refinisher Sees Advantage with Made in USA Certification All-Things-Wood.com has been named Made in USA Certified in accordance with Federal Trade Commission requirements. The Winston-Salem, NC-based company is the first home improvement contractor in the country to receive the designation. Qualifying for the certification seal means that its products have gone through a proprietary and rigorous supply-chain audit and certification process to confirm compliance with U.S. laws and regulations. 

“North Carolinians are worried about the quality, durability and child safety of foreign products being used in their homes”, said Lee Brown, company Visioneer, in a statement. “North Carolinians now have a choice to have safe and superior products used in their home – while putting Americans back to work, fueling our American economy and aiding in the recovery of our economic system.”

Woodworking Made in America 

WoodworkingNetwork.com has previously covered the Made in America movement. Bill Esler talked about the rise in wood manufacturing in America, and how it coincides with efforts to capitalize on consumer sentiment favoring domestically made goods (Wood Industry Sees Return of 'Made in America), and Hannah Miller covered the Made in America Pavilion at the High Point Market and how furniture makers showcased not only their products, but also highlighted domestic manufacturing (Made in America Furniture Pavilion Brings In New Customers).

Additional costs are incurred in order to meet the stringent Made in USA regulations, but a recent Gallup Poll found that 72% of Americans are paying heightened attention to the country of origin of the products they buy and 94% of Americans would pay more for products made in the United States of America. This makes the additional burden much less impactful.

“North Carolina lost 80,000 jobs to China in less than 10 years,” said Brown. “Most of these were in the wood industries. So from the beginning, our expressed values were to use both 'Made in America' and child-safe green products for hardwood refinishing.”

Brown added that through the company’s use of Made in USA products, it has the confidence to offer product warranties that range from 2 to 15 years, which is somewhat unprecedented in the flooring industry.

All-Things-Wood.com is a refinishing contractor specializing in the green refinishing of hardwood floors, cabinets, paneling, decks and doors. The company’s choice products are low VOC, lead-free, made in the USA, water-based and green. They are members of the Piedmont Environmental Alliance and the Winston-Salem Home Builders Association.

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