96 Entries Vie for the Distinguished IWF 2006 Challengers Awards

An estimated 96 entries submitted by 74 companies worldwide will compete for seven Challengers Distinguished Achievement Awards, to be presented at the International Woodworking Fair, to be held Aug. 23-26 in Atlanta, GA.

The biennial the Challengers Awards competition recognizes companies that have distinguished themselves in developing advancements in technology or significant contributions to environmental improvement in the woodworking industry. According to show sponsors, the competition challenges IWF exhibiting companies to develop revolutionary, creative, ingenious, forward-thinking technology, materials, supplies, services or safety devices. Winners are presented with a distinctive bronze sculpture, designed exclusively for IWF by well-known artist Carol Marks.

A panel of 10 judges from a diverse cross section of industries will review and analyze each entry. Twenty finalists will be announced in mid-July, and the final judging will take place on Aug. 22, the day before the opening of IWF 2006. The Challengers Awards will be presented during a special ceremony on Wednesday, Aug. 23 at 1:30 p.m.

The panel of judges for the IWF 2006 Challengers Awards includes: Chairman Richard Campbell, Norwalk Furniture Co.; Myron Carlson, Lund Boat Co.; Paul Fetzer, Fetzer's Inc.; Marlin Horst, Premier Custom Built; Michael Fredrigo, Nucraft Furniture Co.; Greg Krodel, MasterBrand Cabinets Inc.; Doug Mock, Mock Woodworking Co.; Dennis Condra, Cresent Mfg. Co.; Stephen Wellborn, Wellborn Cabinet Inc.; and Gary Daniels, Schnadig Corp.

The call for Challengers Awards entries began in October 2005, with a deadline of May 1, 2006. The IWF Challengers Awards program dates back to 1966, and it stands as a measure of the strengths of the woodworking industry, consistently inspiring innovation and growth.

IWF 2006 Challengers Award Entries

Accu-Systems Inc.

CXT Feed Through CNC Double-End Machine

Accurate Technology

ProPanel-RF Portable Measuring Tool

ProTable Quality Control Measuring System

ProStand II HD Tool Measuring System

ProScale Zigbee RF System Wireless Connectivity for Linear Measuring System



Altendorf America, Div. of Stiles Machinery

Altendorf F 45 ELMO 4 Sliding Table Saw

Benz Inc.

X-Line "Duo" Two-Sided Right Angle Head


Skipper 100L Biesse Skipper

EBTR 120-Twin Pusher

Black Bros. Co.

Pneumatically Energized Doctor Roll

C.A. Technologies


CadCode Systems

WINStep Data Standard

California Door Corp.

Shell, Oak Leaf & Grape Design, The Artisan Collection

M.L. Campbell

0950-9909-01 Shop Marketing Kit

Cefla Finishing America/Stiles Machinery

Cefla America Finishing Education

Colonial Saw

144420 Lamello Fibro Biscuit

Copemaster LLC

Trim-Adjust Screw

J.A. Dawley Mfg. Co.

CS-1 ChopStix Cut-Off Stop Extension

Diamond Tool Coating

Diamond Coated Routers

Doucet Machineries Inc.

Iomus Swingsaw 2006A, Jomeks Oy Superfast Crosscut Saw

Dubois Equipment Co. Inc.

UV3D-52-2 Dubois 3-D UV Oven

EnRoute Software

EnRoute WOOD

ETemplate Systems

Etemplate Digital Measuring Systems

EZ-Mount Hardware Mounting Systems

SSP-0105, SCP-0105, BCCP-0104, BSSP-0104 Hinge Plate Jig & Door Centring Guide

Fischer Precision Spindles/Elte

TMPE Spindles with Integrated Inverter

Freud America Inc.

Silver I.C.E. Commercial Industrial Saw Blade Coating

Giben International Inc.

STLD Giben Super Thin/Loading Device

Great Lakes Custom Tool Mfg.

Helicarb/Heligrip System Great Lakes Heligrip Cutter

Hafele America Co.

237.56.065 EFL21 Electronic Lock Bar Actuator

541.33 Series LeMans Blind Corner Cabinet Storage System

263.03.104-704 Onefix Connector

Soft and Silent Dampener for Large Sliding Doors

263.95.702 TAB-A Honeycomb Connector

Helicoat Finishing Solutions Ltd.

RTP-250 Rotary Tape Finishing Platform

Hettich America L.P.


Silent System for Intermat Fast Assembly

2 Hinges

Hickory Springs Mfg. Co.

Preserve Flexible Polyurethane Foam

Holz-Her U.S. Inc.

Brilliant Kundig Brillian (Oblique) Sanding Unit

VARIO NC Plus CNC Aggregate Head

VARIO Table Automatic Console/Pod Positioning System

Holzma U.S., Div. of Stiles Machinery

Holzma Optical Infeed System

Invis North America Inc.

Invis MiniMag Drill Adaptor

Kanefusa USA Inc.

Yield Pro Saw Blade

Komo Machine Inc.

Komo Panel Processing System

Krautzberger North America Inc.

Steam Spraying Technology

Kremlin by EXEL North America

Cyclomix Multi Multiple Base and Catalyst - Electronic 2k Mixing System

Lico Machinery Inc.

DELS 1-36-5 RODE High-Speed Double Arbour Ripsaw with Shifting Blades

LuxScan Technologies

Match Scan

3M Co.

3M Scotch-Weld PUR Easy Adhesive System

MB Maschinenbau GmbH

Roba Tech 1300/2 Wood Finish and Intermediate Lacquer Sanding Machine

MJB Wood Group Inc.

e.Quality Program

Martin Woodworking Machines

Martin T60 PreXision Sliding Table Saw with Tilting Range of 92?

Peter Meier Inc.

281-151-36W (Single Bin) and 282-182-36W (Double Bin) Concealed-Slide Waste Bin Units

Micro Fence

Portable Three-Axis Mill

Moulder Services Inc.

DGK-ACT Heat Reflective Tool Enhancing Process

MSI-EZ KwikSwitch Dual Hook Angle Head

Navy Island Plywood Inc.

Navy Island Grading Standards

Ogden Enterprises

Remax 500 CNC Resaw

Onsrud Cutter LP

QuadraMax PCD Cutter

Panel Saw Modifiers

Material Positioning Stops for Low End Priced Vertical Panel Saws

Planit Solutions Inc.

Jobsite Companion

Protech International

820-2 Duplex Pressure Beam with Isobaric Air Cushion


SupportEdge Foam Edgeband

Rikon Power Tools

20-110 RIKON 6-in. Jointer

RollUp Systems LLC

Profile Cutting System

Roseburg Forest Products

SkyBlend Particleboard

Ruca USA Corp.

S600A45-Z63 Silence Hinge

SCM Group USA Inc.

Concept NT CNC Double-End Tenoner

Salazar Solutions Inc.

ProMiter-100 Digital Miter Gauge

Salice America Inc.

C2R6DD9 Silentia

Schelling America Inc.

FH 6 Panel Saw

Schmalz Inc.

180? Rotation Vacumaster Comfort

J. Schneeberger Corp.

Sirius HPM Profile Insert Grinder

Stafast Products Inc.

IF312ZN/OF312ZN Inner & Outer Back Fastening System

Steel City Tool Works

35640 Titanium Nitrate Alloy Coating on Tablesaw Top

Stegherr Maschinenbau GmbH

Type KSF-E6 Cross Joint Milling Machine

Stiles Machinery/Altendorf America

Altendorf F 45 ELMO 4 Sliding Table Saw

Stiles Machinery/Cefla Finishing America

Cefla America Finishing Education

Stiles Machinery/Holzma US Div.

Holzma Optical Infeed System

Stiles Machinery Inc.

SysTech Clamp & Nail Assembly Machine

Climate Technologies Control Fumes-to-Fuel VOC Abatement with a Payback

Hecht Electronic Automated Measuring for Dimensional Control

Hecht Electronic Automatic Inline Measuring for Dimensional Control

Heesemann MFA6 CSD-MotionControl

Titusonic Ultrasonic Fastening System

James L. Taylor Mfg.

#34H Auto-Skew Device for Rip Optimization

Titus Tool Co. Inc.


Tradesoft Inc.

Version 1.0 ShopPAK Job Scheduling Software

Turbosand Co.

Improved Sanding Strips & Caps

Unique Machine & Tool

3503 Triple End Tenoner

USNR Jacksonville

CTL-DK Continuous Triple Length Dry Kiln

Vollmer of America

QX D400 Polycrystalline Disc Erosion Machine


A515 Feed Through Shape and Sand Arch Machine

Weinig Group USA



Wood Technology Inc.

4040.84.060 Whisper-Ride

WoodEye North America Inc.

WoodEye Board Control System BQC



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