One of the Biggest Bang for Your Buck Ways to Get Sales
October 14, 2014 | 4:51 pm CDT

I just started my new company and am contacting shops to see if they need help in estimating, project managing and scheduling. I am astonished on how many shops do not have a website. I look at hundreds of websites every week and know right away what you do by your website alone.

If I was looking to have some work done or a General Contractor was looking for a new woodworker. I would go to your website and see what you do. A person can get a lot of information from a website and if you don’t have one then you just missed an opportunity. Think about it—if I can’t see what you do then why am I going to waste my time trying to find out what you do – a waste of (clients) time.

What is going to make you money a saw or a website? Answer is both! You need to update your tools and one of those is your identity.

If your website is more than 5 years old then it needs to be updated with new pictures. There is never a great time to go out and take those pictures --but it must be done. You need some of your shop and take them when you are busy and things are in order --remember to sweep the floors. Taking pictures of a shop out of control will not do you any good. Pictures of finished project -- is really what people want to look at. Finished projects are when the client has moved in and settled, the desk looks busy, not messy or the plants is on the counter or the dining table and pictures are up and things are in place. This shows planning and not some thrown together picture taken the last minute that you took with your phone as you were walking out after a site visit.

Face it; how much are you going to spend on a the next piece of equipment -- and justify it! Now, take some money and spend it on a reputable wed design company and a good camera. The web designers know how to use the most current software and know what is up and coming in their web design world. They know what colors work and what doesn’t. Ask them on what camera they recommend also.

Some web designers have packages that will reinvent your identity and give you a new look. New Logo, business cards, brochure and a web site for around $2,500. Now if by some reason a person sees your site and like it and you start a job from that --then -- that is money well spent I think – don’t you???

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