Kreg Tool Presents Automaxx Clamps
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Kreg Tool Presents Automaxx ClampsHUXLEY, IA -- Kreg Tool Co. makes clamping faster and easier than ever before with new Automaxx Clamps that adjust automatically to hold materials of varying thicknesses without ever adjusting the clamp.

Kreg Tool Co., a leading manufacturer of tools and accessories for woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers, is proud to announce the launch of Kreg Automaxx Clamps. These innovative clamps use new technology to adjust the clamp automatically to match the thickness of the material being clamped—whether it’s thick, thin, or in between.

Automaxx Clamps provide an easier, better way to move the clamp from a material of one thickness to another. Instead of having to adjust the jaws using a knob usually found on the handle of locking clamps, you just set the clamping pressure once using an easy-to-regulate thumbscrew. After that, Automaxx Clamps do the rest—locking the clamps closed easily and consistently every time and with every thickness.

Automaxx Clamps are available in two styles and sizes to provide fast and foolproof solutions for a wide array of clamping jobs.

Automaxx Face Clamps take care of handheld clamping needs, while Automaxx Bench Klamps work with the Kreg Klamp Plate or Klamp Track to provide an adjustable bench-mounted clamping station.

• Automaxx Face Clamp: Automaxx Face Clamps are available in two sizes: The KHC1410 Face Clamp offers a 3" reach and clamps materials up to 27⁄8" thick. The KHC1420 Large Face Clamp has a 6" reach and clamps materials up to 41⁄4" thick.

• Automaxx Bench Klamp: Automaxx Bench Klamps come in two different sizes, as well: The KKS1120 Bench Klamp offers a 3" reach and clamps materials up to 21⁄2" thick. The KKS1140 Large Bench Klamp has a 6" reach and clamps materials up to 4 1⁄4" thick.

• Automaxx Bench Klamp System: In addition, Kreg offers the KKS1110 Automaxx Bench Klamp System that combines a 3" Automaxx Bench Klamp with a Kreg Klamp Plate that can be mounted into a bench top to create an incredibly versatile 360° clamping station.

Kreg Automaxx Clamps will be available starting June 15, 2013.

About Kreg:

Kreg Tool Co. manufactures a wide variety of tools, accessories, and equipment for woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers. In addition to their well-known Kreg Jig pocket-hole jigs, Kreg also manufactures Precision Routing Systems, Precision Machine Accessories, Cutting and Measuring Tools, Deck Jigs, and more. Kreg is a tool manufacturing company headquartered in Huxley Iowa. Kreg products are available throughout North America and in select international locations through local dealers and online retailers. For more information about Kreg Tool Co., visit

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