Increase Wood Project Sales with Visual Examples
No Investment Means No Wood Sales

Increase Wood Project Sales with Visual ExamplesYou can often tell the way people think by how they give directions. Engineers often go into detail giving exact street names, approximate mileage between turns and which lane to use. Designers will invariably say which building or landmark appears at each turn. “Go past the Wal-Mart, take a left at the big oak tree and a right at the old red barn. You can’t miss it.”

Many woodworkers are detail oriented artists that can figure out construction in their heads. When explaining projects to customers, we often get caught up in The Measurement Cycle.”Well, Ms Smith, the cabinets will be 36” long by 24” deep and about 30” high. The island will have a clearance of about 46” from the pantry door.”

Unfortunately, this means nothing to Ms Smith, she doesn’t think in measurements. She thinks in pictures. Every time you give another measurement, she gets more confused.

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To increase your sales change your descriptions into pictures. Look around for visual examples you can use to put a more concrete picture in her mind of your work. Take in pre-cut cardboard layouts that will show the cabinets depth on her bare floor. For example; “Well, Ms Smith, The cabinets will be about as high as your waist, and should have the sheen of this table, while having the color of your end table. This cardboard on the floor shows where your island will be in relation to your pantry door. Picture the island with 3 shelves that rollout behind the oak cathedral door.”

Remember, build with measurements, but describe in pictures.

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