How Walk-in Closets Can Add Value to a Home

How Walk-in Closets Can Add Value to a HomeHomeowners looking to spruce up their digs for resale may consider an expansion to a walk-in closet as a potential selling point. A piece in yesterday's New York Times goes through several ways to give walk-in closets a come hither vibe that will attract buyers.

The key isn't just to build a walk-in closet; it's to have a space on par with the rest of the rooms in the house. In other words, don't just treat it as a closet. Go all out and treat it more like a dressing room.

Interior designer Jay Jeffers makes this a reality with elements like floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, which he feels creates an inviting environment. He urges his customers to go outside the box with the addition of  seating furniture, like a bench or an ottoman. This will further merge the storage of a closet with the roomy comfort of a living area. Jeffers also recommends 'his and her' elements, like a vanity for her and a dresser for him.

Still, you can go even more outside the box, Jeffers suggests. One of his customers even went so far as to add a mini-fridge in the closet, so she and her friends could sip on champagne while picking out dresses.

Jeffers believes that lighting is another integral component for buyers. He suggests an elegant chandelier and sconces on the sides of the vanity mirror.

"Lighting on the side of the face, versus overhead, is always much more flattering," he says.

What are some ways you think can add value to a walk-in closet?


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