An Articulated Bandsaw: What a Concept!
September 6, 2012 | 10:52 am CDT
Not All Lacquer Thinners are Created Equal

I love tools! That’s why I call myself Tool Time Bernie. So it comes as no surprise that band saws will catch my eye. Yesterday, as I walked the aisles at the IWF in Atlanta, I was struck with a moment of déjà vu.

I watched quite a bit of the Olympics recently. The hot new camera rig that was in wide use over there was a camera mounted on an articulated arm that was, in turn, securely strapped to the cameraman’s hips. This allows the operator the opportunity to move the camera much more freely and get it pointed where the action is. What a plus for sports coverage.

MD Dario is exhibiting an articulated bandsaw that uses the same concept. The articulated arm allows the saw to come to the wood and make difficult, intricate cuts while the work piece holds still.

All of you folks who are cutting really bulky pieces on a band saw understand the difficulties of feeding something really heavy or bulky through the saw while trying to conduct an intricate cut. Here’s a way to do that while the work piece holds still and the saw moves. The articulated arm, with its ball bearing joints keeps the saw perfectly plumb in all axes. There is also a pattern-following guide on the saw that lets you to follow patterns clamped to the workpiece.Cutting large boat parts? No problem!

Cutting multiple, stacked architectural beams? No problem!

Cutting granite slabs? Add a diamond blade and off your go!

There’s even a multiple work station where the saw arm pivots around a central point to service four separate pieces, at four work stations.

Check out the website at It’s an Italian manufactured product so brush up on your Italian before you go into too much depth on that website. Otherwise, contact Alex or Mike at [email protected]. Their brochure is in English and is really descriptive of the tasks that this machine can perform. If you do heavy cutting with a band saw, you should give this one a look!

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