Garant Turen und Zargen GmbH is a large door and frame manufacturer that employs a staff of 480. The production and storage area in Amt Wachsenburg, Germany, measures about 175,000 square feet.

The company makes 3,300 doors and almost as many frames daily. The portfolio includes standard as well as designer doors in a wide variety of styles with matching frames. Many different materials are used, and one of the most important is wood.

Garant records and analyzes the material flows in the production halls. Measures that increase material efficiency and the recycling rate can be implemented quickly. The amount of waste is also continuously monitored and, where possible, reduced.

A year ago a single-shaft shredder from Weima was purchased. The Weima WL 6 S shredder was integrated into the production line. In the fully automated frame line, the cutting of the frame elements is completely computer-controlled. The wood waste from the frame production is discharged via conveyor belts and transported to the shredder on a central conveyor line.

As soon as the hopper of the shredder is filled, the machine goes into automatic mode and shreds the wood waste to a homogeneous material size.

At Garant, the WL 6 S is connected to an extraction system that conveys the wood chips into a central chip silo. The shredded wood waste is used in a biomass combustion plant, producing enough heat for all buildings on site. A further Weima shredder from the ZM series has already been ordered and will be delivered to the door and frame manufacturer in the middle of the year. See

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