DURHAM, NC -- Earlier this year ShopBot Tools introduced their entry into the small-footprint CNC market with the ShopBot Desktop. Ted Hall, founder and CEO of ShopBot, said, "With input from our users, we're positioning the ShopBot Desktop as a platform for all kinds of digital fabrication capabilities."

In addition to woodworking capabilities, the Desktop features engraving-level precision and machines parts from plastic, aluminum, and other materials, according to the manufacturer.  The ShopBot Desktop comes in two basic platforms: the Desktop Package with router or the Desktop Package with industrial spindle. By adding the plotter pen bit, users can draw signatures, logos or other images. The drag knife bit enables the Desktop to cut adhesive-backed sign vinyl, paper, cardboard and thin plastics, and a diamond engraving bit lets users engrave plastic, metal, glass and stone. A 3D digitizing probe can be used to make a copy of an object in 3D.

ShopBot will introduce a rotary indexing tool add-on in October 2011, with plans to introduce 3D printing capability and laser cutting in the near future. Further information is available form ShopBotTools.com.

Source: ShopBot Tools