Vanguard Furniture buys Drexel plant

Vanguard Furniture has acquired a former Drexel Furniture manufacturing plant in Morganton, N.C. The 163,000-square-foot factory will be restored, refurbished, and stocked with new equipment, according to a published report.

Take your cabin on the road

Want to take a wood cabin wherever you go?  Japanese company Bess recently launched the Imago Iter, a compact cabin-trailer that can be towed behind a SUV or truck.

HNI turns 75

Clement Hanson, and H. Wood Miller, HNI opened its doors under a new premise where everyone would be treated equally and respectfully as members and owners of a productive industrial enterprise. 

Wood refinishing company looks to expand number of franchises

N-Hance Wood Refinishing has seen the demand first-hand with some franchise owners reporting double digit increases in consumer leads year-over-year. Prospective franchisees are taking note as N-Hance closed out 2021 with more than 25 new franchise openings and projects to award 40 franchises this year.