2019 Marketing Toolkit


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You have made a significant investment by choosing to exhibit at Wood Pro Expo, and we want it to be successful for you. To make the most of your investment, the industry needs to know you will be at the show.


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We created this Toolkit to make it easy for you to tell customers, vendors, media and business prospects that you will be exhibiting at the show. More people at the show means more business at your booth, it’s that simple.

Special VIP Promo Code

Use your VIP registration promo code supplied by Woodworking Network to get your guests free admission the 2019 Wood Pro Expo Lancaster floor.

What’s in the Marketing Toolkit?

We have created great-looking pre-designed marketing pieces that are easily customizable with your VIP code and booth number, including:

  • Postcard mailer
  • Print Ad
  • Digital Ads
  • Wood Pro Expo Logo/Web button (perfect to add to your website)
How to Use the Toolkit

Download the Toolkit elements you want to use, in the file format that works best for you. Add your VIP Code and your booth number to make the piece specific to your company, and you are ready to go! 

If you have design software like Photoshop you can also open the files and insert your company logo for additional customization.


Contact Harry Urban (708-373-4344) for more information on how to use this toolkit and/or to request VIP codes for Wood Pro Expo Lancaster 2019.

Wood Pro Expo Logo/Web Buttons      
(click the logo to download: available in black & white versions - jpg and png (transparent) format)