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How To Avoid Credit Card Chargebacks

Posted: 03/25/2013 5:44PM

Financial Tech Company, Chargebacks 911, informs merchants of the top five methods to prevent consumers from initiating chargebacks.

How To Make Wood Veneer

By Bernie Bottens Posted: 03/22/2013 12:41PM

There are a number of forms of wood veneers available on the market but let's take a look at how to make your own.

How To Make a Kitchen Island Unit

Posted: 03/19/2013 5:00PM

A kitchen island unit by French cabinetmaker Philip Voice in Villereal, France. The carcass is softwood. The stiles and rails of the cupboard doors, as well as the drawer fronts, are made from kiln dried pine.

How to Keep Your Lumber Cost Low

By Rick Hill Posted: 03/06/2013 8:13PM

The most expensive raw material in most wood manufacturing plants is the lumber. Keeping a handle on the recently rising market and a steady supply are essential to staying profitable.

How to Sand Wood Appliqués

By Bernie Bottens Posted: 02/21/2013 10:00AM

Sanding the details of appliqués well can be a challenge: the sand paper loses its bite as it comes up against something like that and the wood is very difficult to scratch.

Particleboard-How It's Made Into Desks

Posted: 02/19/2013 3:11PM

From forest to finished casegood, here’s how particleboard (the European produced video calls it chipboard) comes into being and is converted into a desk.

How Wood Veneer is Made

Posted: 02/05/2013 9:32PM

Video: How Wood Veneer is Made

How To Use a Dremel to Save Mis-placed Drill Holes

By Doug Rappe Posted: 02/02/2013 12:34PM

We flush trimmed dowels and plugs using a Dremel MultiMax tool to repair a part that was run in the wrong location on the CNC machine. Here's how we did it.

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