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How To: Oxidize Teak Using Martin Goebel's Tanning Bed Method

By Bill Esler Posted: 05/22/2015 9:18AM

Oxidizing teak in 12 minutes in a tanning bed, submitted by Martin Goebel. "This dumb little trick is something that weekend woodworkers might enjoy," Goebel says. Could it be a factory application, too - UV curing lines are plentiful in woodworking plants.

How To Make a Profile Sanding Pad for a Power Sander

By Bill Esler Posted: 05/08/2015 1:19AM

Here's a step by step for making a sanding block to match a profile. This is for the snap-on blocks that fit the Festool sander, with air holes to allow sawdust to be vacuumed into a dust collector as you work.

How To Build a Sanding Jig for Odd Shaped Work Pieces

By Bernie Bottens Posted: 05/07/2015 4:18PM

I struggled sanding these tapered wood fixtures. They crawled along table as I apply a random orbital sander, until I learned about this jig. Here's how to do it.

How To Make a Downdraft Sanding Table Using a Shop Vac

Posted: 05/03/2015 1:47PM

Bob Clagett of I Like to Make shows how build a downdraft table and use a shop vac as the vacuum source.

How To Make a Jig for an Inside Corner Glue Scraper

By Kevin Turgeon Posted: 04/19/2015 6:04PM

I made this quick jig for removing dried glue from an inside corner. It's at an angle and reversible to get all the way to the bottom of a box. Because the glue will soak into the wood fibers just scraping at the surface won't prevent it from impacting finishing.

Trending: Solid Wood Edge Gluing How-to, CNC-ing Solid Doors

By Bill Esler Posted: 04/09/2015 10:40PM

Most viewed lately: Preparing solid wood joints for edge and face gluing. Also popular: Short of walnut for a countertop, Scott Wunder shows how to stretch supply to make thick boards from thin ones. Plus hanging furniture, and Grabski's CNC.

How To Make A Thick Countertop Out Of Thin Wood

By Scott Wunder Posted: 04/02/2015 4:16PM

As walnut ran short for a countertop project, Scott Wunder took the offcuts to create a thick profile edge. Here's how he made a thick-edged countertop out of thin wood.

How to Optimize Woodworking Production Using Tooling Technology

Posted by Karen Koenig | Posted: 04/02/2015 11:32AM

Optimizing cutting tool productivity in the woodworking shop were listed in a webcast, “Tooling Technology: Solutions to Optimize Productivity.” This includes use of dust extraction hoods, and tooling geometries and compositions to cut material faster with greater yield, and less down time.

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