AWFI Opens $4 Million Finishing and Training LabSOUTH BOSTON, VA - AWFI announced it has completed construction of a $4 million finishing research and training lab in South Boston, VA. The National Center for Coatings Application, Research and Education (C-CARE) provides resources for automated finishing along with hand spray coatings application.

AWFI provides services to all sectors of the coatings industry, including wood products manufacturing, aerospace, automotive and heavy manufacturing. Services offered include new process engineering development, process validation, research and development, transfer efficiency studies, finish failure analysis, and robotic path programming.

AWFI Opens $4 Million Finishing and Training LabThe technology and automated equipment available at C-CARE includes a fully integrated flatline finishing system, a fully programmable hang line, which includes robotics, IR curing, three-dimensional UV curing and high temperature convection curing. Other technologies include automated sanding and surface preparation equipment and a large, enclosed automotive type spray booth with an auto-balance spray environment. According to AWFI, the facility is climate controlled for both temperature and humidity to simulate real world conditions in any location. All types of application technology from rotary atomizers to electrostatics are available for use in the lab, AWFI said.

Phil Stevenson, AWFI president/owner, said the lab facility can be used by equipment and coating manufacturers to validate their equipment and coating technologies. Manufacturers also may rent lab facilities or use AWFI’s technical resources to help them reach their project initiatives. Information can be obtained at