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Knoll OMA Tools for Life

Knoll Tools for Life Furniture: Where Form Meets Function

By Karen Koenig | Updated: 05/09/2013 11:25:00 AM
Designed by OMA for Knoll, the Tools for Life collection is indicative of today’s lifestyle and the need by people to flow between work and social life.
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Wood Products: Continuously Improving for Changing Times

By Rich Christianson | Updated: 05/08/2013 4:55:00 PM
Did you do a double take when the May issue of Wood Products hit your inbox? The name change and redesign is but the latest phase in our current cycle of continuous improvement.
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Woodworking state of the industry

Wood Markets 2013: Optimism Prevails

By Karen Koenig | Updated: 02/05/2013 11:56:00 AM
Sales for 2013 are expected to match or beat 2012 figures. That is the consensus of a majority of representatives from the major woodworking markets.
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Columbia Forest Products, composite panel

Composite Panels See Slight Rise, Veneer Plywood Holds for 2013

By Karen Koenig | Updated: 02/05/2013 9:45:00 AM
North American composite panel shipments are projected to rise about 6 percent in 2013, according to the CPA. Different challenges face the hardwood plywood & veneer industry, HPVA says.
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Walnut Creek Planing

Wood Components Sales Project Moderate Growth in 2013

By Karen Koenig | Updated: 02/05/2013 9:45:00 AM
Although 2012 wood component sales “ended with a fizzle,” 2013 sales are projected to increase from 2 to 5 percent, according to the WCMA and the WPMA.
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Zepsa, Architectural Woodwork

Steady Course for Architectural Woodworking Business in 2013

By Karen Koenig | Updated: 02/05/2013 9:45:00 AM
Architectural woodworking sales should “mimic” those of 2012, “with a bit of optimism that prices will go up a bit,” said Matt Lundahl, immediate past president of the Architectural Woodwork Institute.
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Retail Environments Continue Sales Growth Trend in 2013

By Karen Koenig | Updated: 02/05/2013 9:45:00 AM
For the fourth straight year, overall sales of retail fixtures look to continue to improve, according to Klein Merriman, executive director of the Association for Retail Environments.
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