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Furniture trucking firms hustle to expand

By Bill Esler Posted: 10/11/2011 10:14AM

Furniture transport firms rush to expand. The closure of Furniture Transport Group has been followed by a flurry of expansions and acquisitions.

Marvin Windows hews to no layoffs pledge

By Bill Esler Posted: 09/29/2011 8:53AM

Marvin Windows hews to its pledge to avoid layoffs. Family management trims benefits, cuts hours, but tells New York Times it plans to tough it out. Industry-wide window shipments for new construction have fallen 70 percent, to 11.9 million, from their peak in 2005.

Against the Grain Shops Cut New Grooves

By Bill Esler - Editor in Chief Posted: 09/27/2011 12:42PM

Adding services, sharing plants, outsourcing and insourcing, here are some creative measures custom woodshops have taken to survive.

Forte Furniture's Electronic Data Interchange

Posted: 12/11/2008 11:10AM

FORTE Furniture Factories of Poland illustrates the impact of ICT on the market structure and competition in the Polish furniture sector. Perceived as a leader among the Polish furniture manufacturers and exporters, intense investment activity supported by consistent implementation of the modern communications and information systems.

Flexibility Will Not Break the Status Quo

By Tom Dossenbach Posted: 10/09/2008 12:00AM

The key to eliminating constraints that prevent you from reaching your goals is to drill down to their root causes and permanently remove them with positive change.

Globalization Is Here! What Can We Do?

By Tom Dossenbach Posted: 10/12/2006 12:00AM

Globalization Is Here! What Can We Do?: Any company that has not formulated a strategy to meet its long-term needs must do so - now! - August 2001

Mission Impossible

By Tom Dossenbach Posted: 10/12/2006 12:00AM

Mission Impossible: Re-invent your company now. By Tom Dossenbach . - November

The High Price of Hearing

By Tom Dossenbach Posted: $util.date("MM/dd/yyyy h:mma",$article.startDate, "America/Chicago")

It becomes more critical every day that wood products companies be in tune with their competitive surroundings — ready to respond quickly with positive change in order to adjust to rapidly shifting market dynamics. But while we may think we have all the answers, the major factors that drive this unpredictable environment are best understood by our customers. For this reason, it is customer input that should provide us with the valuable information from which to form many of our strategic management decisions — our marketing and manufacturing strategies.

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