Alpine Technical Workshops: Shaper Operations

12/06/2013 - 12/08/2013


Summary: The workshops are led by a highly experienced production shop owner, Joe Calhoon. Partnered with Greg Godbout of Rangate, Inc., we are bringing this multi-day course focusing on the production of European solid-wood tilt-and-turn windows as well as lift-and-slide doors. Alpine Technical Workshops© are organized in such a way to build knowledge and relationships, among woodworkers and business partners, including machinery, tooling and hardware partners. This is an unique opportunity to learn from a custom woodworker with over 34 years of experience, building a community with other attendees & sponsors and finding out how to improve your business operations by preparing and selecting the right tools to build the windows and doors. Each Alpine Technical Workshops© session is kept to a small group of attendees (less than 4 people) to ensure its high quality of knowledge sharing and positive experience. The entire 3- or 4- day course takes place in an operational production shop. This small group allow us to adjust the workshop outline, catering to the attendees' need, and generally include: - Tilt/Turn Window Production - Lift/Side Door Production - Sash and Frame Production - Profile Design and Tooling Optimization - Machines and Specialty Devices Operation - Hardware Selection and Installation - General Production Safety - General Business Operations In May 2010, we have also started a discussion board "The Alpine Technical Workshops© Forum" where past and future workshop attendees as well as industry partners can share ideas, best practices and exchange information on our solid-wood Euro window and door production industry. Discussion areas include production of tilt/turn windows, lift/slide doors, tooling, machinery, software, specialty devices, hardware, gasketing, glass and finishing. Together, in an organized fashion, we are efficiently and quickly growing a niche segment of our industry. If you are interested in producing these solid wood, energy efficient and secure windows and doors, please email or contact Greg Godbout at 888-925-7999 (888-9ALP-999).

Contact: Greg Godbout

Phone: 888-925-7999


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