WOOD 100

WOOD 100: Quality Control

Posted: 09/15/2010 11:40AM

Measure twice, cut once: Quality control is critical to mass production as well as custom applications. Woodworking firms must meet specs for demanding clients — and always get it right.

WOOD 100: Sustainable Operations B

By Bill Esler | Posted: 09/15/2010 11:30AM

In recent years, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has become a source of global environmental concern, as a growing body of scientific evidence points to the potential long-term human and environmental health dangers. This hampers recycling and creates challenges in reducing environmental impact over the office system life-cycle.

WOOD 100: Sustainable Operations A

Posted: 09/15/2010 11:24AM

WALKING THE WALK ON GREEN: As adoption of sustainable operations become pervasive, a parallel move is afoot among woodworking firms to adopt corporate social responsibility. This steps beyond concerns about wood sourcing, VOC emissions or industrial pollution, to embrace longer-term impact of manufacturing on workers and communities.

WOOD 100: Product Innovations B

Posted: 09/15/2010 11:02AM

Thinking outside the box: Developing products that tap changing lifestyle trends, or with an altogether new value proposition for commercial applications, opens opportunities.

WOOD 100: Product Innovations A

Posted: 09/15/2010 10:42AM

Take one part wood, another part tools, add skilled hands and creative minds, and you have a recipe for innovation. Either the slow down allowed more open time for creativity or demanded new product solutions for survival.

WOOD 100: Plant Expansions B

Posted: 09/15/2010 10:26AM

As businesses continue to grow, they are looking to manufacturers to supply them with casegoods and products, providing these manufacturers an opportunity for expansion.

WOOD 100: Plant Expansions A

Posted: 09/15/2010 10:16AM

Building or buying capacity: Manufacturing consolidation, relocation and expansion is driven by reductions in workforce, initiatives to consolidate operations to improve workflow and productivity, or moving to sites to lower-cost labor or nearer raw materials or markets. Despite, or because of, the downturn, the reformation of plants continued apace the last 18 months.

WOOD 100: Technology Integration

Posted: 09/15/2010 9:18AM

Optimizing production with new and existing technology: In order to be profitable and productive in today’s economy, woodworking facilities need to optimize their resources: equipment, supplies and their workforce. Many companies have done so through investments in new technology and production methods, including lean and sustainable manufacturing methods.

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