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2011 WOOD 100: Plant Expansion

Posted: 09/01/2011 3:22PM

Preparing for the economy to pick up, wood products manufacturers stepped up the pace to take advantage of new opportunities. They are building new plants, expanding existing operations, or in some cases acquiring companies.

2011 WOOD 100: Product Innovation A

Posted: 09/01/2011 3:14PM

Communication plays an essential role in product development. Talking to customers, consumer studies and creative minds can result in merchandise guaranteed to bring sales.

2011 WOOD 100: Product Innovation B

Posted: 09/01/2011 3:10PM

Healthy market segments today require new products that will entice and inspire the audience, yet are adaptable to fit any situation.

2011 WOOD 100: Sustainable Operations

Posted: 09/01/2011 3:03PM

With sustainability at the forefront of concerns today, woodworkers continue to seek new ways to lower emissions, green their products and reduce their carbon footprint.

2011 WOOD 100: Customer Service

Posted: 09/01/2011 2:55PM

flooring the competition — All across North America, wood products manufacturers are distinguishing themselves from global and domestic rivals by quality control measures put in place, sustainability efforts, and most importantly, by high levels of customer service.

WOOD 100: Discover Their Strategies for Success

By Karen Koenig | Posted: 10/04/2010 11:41AM

We’ve always said about the WOOD 100 companies, they may not be the biggest, but they are among the best. Though not all increased their profits in 2009, these secondary woodworking firms found numerous ways to improve their businesses through: new marketing initiatives, innovative business strategies, productivity enhancements, technology integrations and customer service.

WOOD 100: Strategies for Success

By Bill Esler | Posted: 09/15/2010 12:45PM

Stories suggesting a renaissance among wood manufacturing businesses have been reaching editors Karen Koenig, Rich Christianson and Michaelle Bradford over the past months. Some come from woodworking firms, others are passed along by suppliers who seem in awe of what their determined-to-succeed customers are doing.

WOOD 100: Customer Service

Posted: 09/15/2010 11:53AM

More than lip-service: Many firms say they emphasize customer service, but structuring it into the culture of an organization is easier said than done. In smaller organizations it can mean that everyone on the team accepts personal responsibility for customer satisfaction – following through to make sure clients get the service, support and answers. Larger organizations must structure it into the mechanics of operation.

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