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Wood Veneer

Wood Veneer

Wood Veneer Made from Banana Tree Trunks

Papyrus Australia Ltd.'s paptented technology converts the waste trunk of banana palms into alternatives to forest wood products for furniture, building, and construction. The Papyrus process banana trunk conversion yields wood products with qualities not found in existing wood-based products due to the uniform pattern of banana tree trunks.

Pricing & Supply

How Do You Finish 50,000 Year Old Kauri Wood?

The answer on finishing Ancient Wood's 50,000 year old Kauri is "very carefully." Recovered from prehistoric peat bogs in New Zealand, this wood prices at $40 a board foot for flat sawn grain, $60 for quarter sawn and up to $100 for Whitebait, a rare grain pattern that turns iridescent when sanded properly.


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