Trending: Homeowners Craving Unique Cabinet Styles, Wood Species

Posted: 08/14/2013 10:20AM


When it comes to their kitchens, homeowners are searching for something a little more personal these days.

In an era of mass design and production, an increasing number of people are customizing their kitchens to stand out from the crowd and show off their individual style. According to Timber Products Company, a leading producer of hardwood plywood for kitchen cabinet systems, this means more unique wood species will be popping up as consumers break away from standard offerings.

“We’re seeing a shift in popularity of wood species from traditional to more up-and-coming varieties,” said Timber Products veneer specialist Eric Cullen. “Cabinet manufacturers have been showcasing different species, and the response has been very positive. Homeowners want more choices, and today they have them.”

Here’s a look at the top styles and species requests that Timber Products hears from customers:

Custom for all

In years past, custom cabinets were destined only for custom homes. Today, average homeowners have become accustomed to affordable luxury and are driving demand for specialty cabinetry.

“The custom market serves a homeowner who wants to be unique and not a ‘me-too’ consumer,” said Cullen. “This trend goes beyond multimillion-dollar homes. We’re seeing more orders for fancy species that truly make cabinets the focal point of kitchens.”

For the ultimate in customization, cabinet companies are turning to Timber Products to help create unique veneers that feature tailor-made colors and patterns. Engineered veneers, which are made by slicing and dicing veneer sheets and then putting the pieces back together in a different configuration, have gained popularity the past few years because of their high value and consistent appearance.

Cullen said straight-grain engineered veneers (without cathedrals) made from Wenge, White Oak, Cherry, Maple and Mahogany are hot sellers and have been used for everything from high-end condominiums and recreational vehicles to luxurious yachts.

Up-and-coming species

Also headlining the customization trend are sleeker, brighter styles with clean lines, as well as more interesting species meant to be head-turners:

  • European Beech: To meet demand for a resurgence in modern style, cabinet- makers are ordering more European beech hardwood plywood than ever before because of its light tone and smooth appearance. The wood also has a hint of pinkish tan that is currently fashionable with kitchen designers and homeowners.
  • Bamboo: Starting out as a popular flooring material, bamboo has made the leap to kitchen cabinets because of its sustainability (bamboo is actually a grass that can grow as much as one foot a day) and clean appearance. The material also gives homeowners an interesting story to share about their cabinets.
  • Rustic: Reminiscent of mountain cabins and hunting lodges, the rustic look is striking a chord with homeowners searching for a little rough-and-tumble personal style. Cullen pointed out that wood like knotty alder, birch, pecan and hickory fit the bill perfectly for this design because of their many eye-catching characteristics.

“What used to be considered defects are now today’s stylish features,” said Cullen. “An increasing number of homeowners are asking for wood with more knots and character. This look is especially popular from the Rocky Mountains to the West, but we have seen demand grow throughout North America.”

Dark still reigns

Darker woods will continue to be popular as well. One hot-selling wood species that plays into the custom look is walnut.

“Walnut is a particularly striking wood that makes a great first impression,” said Cullen. “The color varies from a rich, dark brown to black with purple undertones. It’s a very elegant material that embodies a custom look.”

What questions do you have?

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Shad Dixon    
California  |  December, 01, 2013 at 12:11 AM

I have noticed an increase in interest in custom painted cabinets to achieve a rustic look- much like some of the furniture that is being custom painted or found in stores like Urban Home. Painting cabinets, when done by an artist in the industry, is a way that families can get the new look they are craving without breaking the bank on new cabinets. Plus, it gives off an artsy, rustic feel and if done right, it's beautiful.


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