Panel Supply

Panel Supply

The future of formaldehyde for furniture manufacturers

Formaldehyde emissions from wood panel is finally being regulated by the EPA. Here's what furniture manufacturers need to know to help their customers, and to sell products with the highest quality engineered wood components.

Event Coverage

Interprint is 'On Focus' with furniture design event

A global design showcase and workshop highlighting key trends and breakthroughs in the industry, Furniture Days recently capped off its successful North American debut. The event was hosted by Interprint, an international decor printer.

IWF News

Giving lightweight panel a metallized look for Best Buy

Think Lightweight says its panel gave Best Buy a modern brushed aluminum look, without cumbersome, heavy duty hanging systems. The lightweight panels were laminated with an aluminum face and the grooves machined and painted to for a metal look. Weight was drastically reduced.


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