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WoodWorks Gets $1 Million Grant To Train Builders, Architects

Posted by Bill Esler | Posted: 03/30/2014 11:59AM

USDA will give $1 million for architect and builder training to WoodWorks, the Wood Products Council effort to promote more use of wood in commercial buildings. A high-rise award was also established.

Baillie Lumber Acquires American Hardwood Industries

By Bill Esler Posted: 03/29/2014 11:32AM

Equity capital firm H.I.G. Capital, LLC reports it sold American Hardwood Industries to Baillie Lumber. American Hardwood was among $15 billion in equity capital under H.I.G.'s management.

Lumber Prices Almost No Object for Hardwood Buyers

By Andy Johnson Posted: 03/28/2014 9:29AM

Lumber buyers' "priced time of shipment" orders are increasing as hardwood demand continues to spike to record levels.

Hardwood Price Increases Continue, But at Slower Pace

By Andy Johnson Posted: 03/25/2014 9:28AM

Hardwood price increases expected to continue but also to ease during the summer months as hardwood exports to the Pacific Rim increases. U.S. imports of substitute temperate hardwoods will also rise.

Prime Lumber Expands Kilns as China Demand Grows

Posted: 03/25/2014 5:42AM

Prime Lumber has shipped 600 containers of lumber overseas in 2013, with China its fastest growing market. Hardwood used there is 75% for domestic products, not exports.

Logjam In Vancouver Truckers Strike

By Bill Esler Posted: 03/19/2014 7:55AM

Log shippers are stymied as Canadian truckers escalate a strike at the Port of Vancouver, where forestry products are 80% of the volume. The Canada government has entered the fray. Truckers complain of long waits.

WoodWorks Chicago Area Workshops Focus on Design for Durability

Posted By Elizabeth Fuhrman | Posted: 03/18/2014 1:52PM

Woodworks – The Wood Products Council will host three workshops in the Chicagoland area March 25-27, themed, “Design for Durability: Performance and Preservation.” A Woodworks

Wood Increases as Main Source of Household Heating in Northeast

Posted: 03/17/2014 7:47PM

Wood as a main heating source in homes has gained popularity in many areas of the country in recent years, but the increase is most notable in the Northeast.

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