Category Winner: Home Improvement Supply Retailers

With Home Depot and Lowe’s beating earnings expectations this week, we’re seeing clear enthusiasm for the home improvement sector. Home improvement, after all, has performed well even as other retail categories falter.

Architectural Products

Chicago Biennial Scores Winning CLT Wood Structure

A cross-laminated timber structure has been built in Chicago, bring that city it's first high profile application of the wood construction material being used in high rise wood building construction. The Chicago Horizon project was designed by Ultramoderne, a Rhode Island architectural group, for a competition, and represents "a quest to create the largest wood roof possible."

Pricing & Supply

Bamboo Technique Fabricates Furniture Like Origami

Tables made from bamboo folded like origami paper, and chairs with unusual and complex designs: Bamboo is strong and doesn't break easily. That's why it has been used for baskets, sieves and screens. But it does also tend to warp, and that's why it hasn't been used for larger furniture, but this technique could change that.


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